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Fishermen lament plunge in Scottish wild salmon catch

In the shimmering rapids of the River Spey that cuts through the Scottish Highlands, Ian Gordon casts his line with a languid swish and waits for a salmon to take the fly.. At the Spey River, Gordon exits the water without having caught a fish.

Macron restarts reform drive as opponents prepare for battle

French President Emmanuel Macron will get a taste of public resistance to his second-term reform agenda this week during the first nationwide strike called since his re-election in April.. - Unpopular -  Public opinion towards pension reform and the strikes is likely to be decisive in determining whether Macron succeeds with a reform he called off in 2020 in the face of protests and Covid-19.

German bakeries fight for survival as costs spiral

Faced with exploding energy and ingredient costs, German baker Tobias Exner has installed new energy-efficient ovens, shortened his opening hours and even considered baking at lower temperatures.. Seventy percent of artisanal bakeries have gas ovens and gas prices are going through the roof," said Friedemann Berg, managing director of the German Bakers' Federation.

Super Typhoon Noru barrels towards Philippines

A super typhoon barrelled towards the Philippines Sunday and was on track to slam into the heavily populated main island of Luzon, forcing the evacuations of coastal towns, authorities said.. It is expected to weaken to a typhoon as it sweeps across central Luzon, before entering the South China Sea on Monday, heading towards Vietnam.

Cypriot carob growers harvest their 'black gold'

Christos Charalambous might be 79 but he is several metres up a carob tree, harvesting a fruit known as "black gold" on the island of Cyprus as his grandson works below.. "Carob has been known as the black gold of Cyprus because many farmers used to have carob... it was the main occupation of the villagers," said Stavros Glafkou Charalambous, from the Cooperative Carob Marketing Federation.

Ukraine is 'not Nazi', Holocaust survivors tell Putin

Roman Gerstein, an 83-year-old Ukrainian Holocaust survivor, has a blunt riposte for Kremlin justifications of its invasion: "There are no Nazis here.". Another Holocaust survivor, 84-year-old Felix Mamut, recalled how before World War II his extended family included his great-grandmother, her 16 children, and a host of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

'You cannot survive': Inflation bites as Thai election looms

Sheltering from rain near Bangkok's Grand Palace, scores of unemployed Thais queue alongside homeless people waiting for free meals as 14-year-high inflation sends living costs soaring -- causing a headache for the government ahead of a looming general election.. "What we now need to look at is more targeted policy measures that would help alleviate the difficulty from rising living costs among Thai lower-income households," she said.

Taiwan's pangolins suffer surge in feral dog attacks

In most of its habitats, the heavily trafficked pangolin's biggest threat comes from humans.. - Most trafficked mammal - Pangolins are described by conservationists as the world's most trafficked mammal, with traditional Chinese medicine being the main driver. 

Cubans to vote in referendum on same-sex marriage

Cubans on Sunday will vote in a landmark referendum on whether to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption, allow surrogate pregnancies and give greater rights to non-biological parents.. Some Cubans, for example, have expressed support for same-sex marriage but oppose surrogate pregnancies.