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UK minister says 'not ruling out' sending jets to Ukraine

The UK defence minister on Thursday said he did not rule out supplying Ukraine with fighter jets while cautioning they would not be a "magic wand" in the war.. Supplying fighter jets would not be an overnight game changer due to the need for complex training, he added.

New Czech leader urges 'no limits' on aid to Ukraine

Czech president-elect Petr Pavel, a former NATO general, said Thursday there should be "no limits" on military aid to war-ravaged Ukraine, urging allies to show more courage.. A day after the election, Pavel spoke on the phone with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky to assure him of the Czech Republic's support.

British ex-soldier avoids jail over N.Ireland killing

A former British soldier on Thursday avoided a prison sentence over the killing of a man at a border checkpoint during the period of violence in Northern Ireland known as "The Troubles".. Prosecutions relating to The Troubles remain deeply divisive in Northern Ireland where the legacy of conflict continues to cast a long shadow.

Kosovo court shortens jail terms for witness tampering

A special Kosovo court reduced the prison sentences on Thursday of two former rebels convicted of intimidating witnesses to war crimes during the 1990s independence conflict with Serbia.. The Kosovo Specialist Chambers court on Thursday upheld their convictions on three counts of intimidation and violating the tribunal's secrecy, but acquitted them on appeal on two counts of obstructing officials.

From vaccines to AI: New weapons in the fight against cancer

Could humanity finally be gaining the upper hand in our age-old fight against cancer? . - Vaccines - There have long been vaccines available to protect against the human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer, and hepatitis B which can lead to liver cancer.

Influencers bask in their version of the Oscars in Mexico City

And the winner is... a 16-year-old Colombian whose videos of his life in the countryside landed him an award at TikTok's answer to the Oscars for social media influencers.. Like in Hollywood, social media stars walked the red carpet in front of fans gathered to see the winners, which were chosen by social media users.

Netanyahu in Paris to press Macron on Iran

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold talks with French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, hoping to gain support against Iran's nuclear programme but shadowed by an upsurge of Israeli-Palestinian violence.. Netanyahu visits as fresh violence has intensified between Israelis and Palestinians.

Pilgrims walk nine days to see Pope Francis in South Sudan

Hanah Zachariah is so determined to see Pope Francis in South Sudan that she walked nine days in sandals to reach the capital where he makes his long-awaited visit.. Francis arrives on Friday for a three-day visit to South Sudan, the first by any pope since the predominantly Christian nation split from Muslim-majority Sudan in 2011.

Pakistan mosque suicide bomber 'was in police uniform'

The suicide bomber who killed more than 80 police officers at a mosque inside a sensitive compound earlier this week entered wearing a uniform and helmet, a provincial police chief said Thursday.. "Our comrades were martyred in this uniform, but the bomber made it worthless for us," Amanullah Khan, a police officer on duty at a checkpoint in Peshawar, wearing a bulletproof jacket and a helmet with a Kalashnikov in his hands, told AFP. "Now I will doubt the uniformed officials as well as other people, which is very sad and which has created a distrust."