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Cambodian PM kicks off campaign in one-sided election

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen kicked off a three-week election campaign on Saturday, with his party poised to sweep the one-sided contest after the top challenger was barred from taking part.. Cambodians will vote on July 23 in an election widely seen as a sham after authorities denied registration to the Candlelight Party -- considered the only viable rival to Hun Sen's Cambodian People's Party.

Europe's space telescope to target universe's dark mysteries

Europe's Euclid space telescope is scheduled to blast off Saturday on the first-ever mission aiming to shed light on two of the universe's greatest mysteries: dark energy and dark matter.. - 'Dark detective' - Euclid consortium member Guadalupe Canas told a press conference that the two-tonne space telescope was a "dark detective" which can reveal more about both elements.

Long waits as UK hit by guide dog shortage

Charles Bloch remembers well the cold and wet December day seven years ago when he met his guide dog Carlo and they went on their first walk.. "But having Carlo, that was that barrier knocked down pretty much in days because everyone wanted to say hello, everyone wanted to chat," Bloch said. 

Hong Kong leader warns of 'resistance' on handover anniversary

Hong Kong's leader said the city must guard against "destructive forces engaging in soft resistance" as it marked the 26th anniversary of its handover from British to Chinese rule on Saturday.. "There are also destructive forces engaging in soft resistance hidden within Hong Kong," Lee said during a speech at an event marking the anniversary.

Polluting shipping to face climate reckoning

The hefty carbon footprint of global shipping networks that crisscross our oceans and keep the world's economy afloat will come under scrutiny next week, as countries wrestle over measures to slash planet-heating pollution.. - Global levy - But a potential deal on another flagship proposal -- to introduce a global levy on shipping emissions -- is going to be a harder sell.

French tourism sector faces cancellations over unrest

Days of violent protests across France after the fatal police shooting of a teenager have started to impact the country's tourism sector, with hotels and restaurants facing cancellations while some have also suffered damage in the unrest.. - Security concerns - The GHR organisation for independent hotels and restaurants in France deplored that "foreign (TV networks) are starting to show images of Paris on fire and blood, which does not correspond to reality". 

Dutch king expected to apologise for slavery

King Willem-Alexander is widely expected to make a royal apology for the Netherlands' involvement in slavery on Saturday at an event marking 150 years since slaves were freed in former colonies.. Dutch media reported that the king is expected to make some form of apology on behalf of the royal family, to follow on from an official government apology in December.

France deploys 45,000 police to quell 'unacceptable' riots

France on Friday deployed 45,000 officers backed by light armoured vehicles to tackle a fourth straight night of violent protests after the fatal police shooting of a teenager.. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told TF1 television that crack units from both the police and the paramilitary gendarme force were among the 45,000 officers deployed Friday.

Rioters target Apple Store in daylight looting in French city

Young rioters went on a daylight looting spree Friday in the French city of Strasbourg, targeting an Apple Store and other shops following the fatal shooting of a teen by a policeman near Paris.. Fearing an outbreak of vandalism, police had earlier locked down access to a shopping mall in the centre of the eastern French city, where one of the Apple Store's entrances is located.

Blinken to consult on Haiti force on Caribbean trip

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will meet with Haiti's embattled prime minister and Caribbean nations next week on calls for an international force in the crisis-wracked nation, officials said Friday.. At the summit, Blinken will meet Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry on the multiple overlapping crises in the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation.