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Why are climate activists calling for reparations?

Pakistan's catastrophic floods have led to renewed calls for rich polluting nations, which grew their economies through heavy use of fossil fuels, to compensate developing countries for the devastating impacts caused by the climate crisis.. Calls for "loss and damage" payments go further than adaptation financing, and seek compensation for multiplying severe weather impacts that countries cannot withstand.

Who's who in Italy's election

Three former heads of government and two far-right leaders: here in alphabetical order are the five main candidates in Italy's general election on Sunday.. He has been in and out of government since the last general election in 2018, joining the populist Five Star Movement and later, Prime Minister Mario Draghi's national unity coalition.

Far-right eyes historic victory as Italy votes

Italians vote Sunday in an election expected to usher in the country's first government led by the far-right since World War II, bringing eurosceptic populists to the heart of Europe.. Brothers of Italy, which has roots in the post-fascist movement founded by supporters of dictator Benito Mussolini, pocketed just four percent of the vote during the last elections in 2018.

North Korea fires ballistic missile, Seoul says

North Korea fired a ballistic missile Sunday, Seoul's military said, just days after a US aircraft carrier arrived for joint drills with the South in a show of force against Pyongyang.. "Pyongyang could be making a show of strength while a US aircraft carrier is visiting South Korea for defense exercises," said Leif-Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha University in Seoul.

Hundreds rally in Paris, European cities to denounce Iran regime

Hundreds of expatriate Iranians rallied in Paris and other European cities on Saturday to denounce Iran's crackdown on protests following the death of Mahsa Amini after her arrest by morality police.. Iran says that 35 people have died in the protests that erupted after the death of Amini but activists say that the number is now over 50 and likely even higher.

Russian FM, at UN, slams West for 'grotesque' Russophobia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov bitterly criticized Western nations Saturday over the Ukraine war, telling the United Nations that the United States and its allies sought to "destroy" his country.. "They are not shying away from declaring the intent to inflict not only military defeat on our country but also to destroy and fracture Russia."

Ukraine push slowed by rain, river and Russian holdouts

What had been a lightning push by Ukraine to drive Moscow's forces from the eastern Kharkiv region slowed to a brutal slog Saturday, stalled by heavy rain and Russian resistance.. But a narrow strip of the Kharkiv region on the east side of the Oskil river remains in Russian hands and prevents Ukraine from pushing on into the Lugansk region, which Moscow holds and is seeking to annex.

Russians flee to Istanbul after mobilisation call

A stream of Russians flocking to Istanbul on Saturday expressed personal relief but concern for the safety of loved ones after the Kremlin announced a partial mobilisation for the war in Ukraine.. Sasha said it was difficult to gauge the true mood of Russians after the mobilisation order because some still supported the war and were willing to fight.

Death toll of Lebanon migrant ship tragedy rises to 89

Twelve more bodies were recovered Saturday after a boat carrying migrants from Lebanon sunk off Syria's coast, raising the overall toll to 89, Syrian state media said, in one of the eastern Mediterranean's deadliest such shipwrecks.. Families in Lebanon held a second day of funerals Saturday after they were handed bodies of relatives on Friday night through the Arida border crossing with Syria.