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Freddie Mercury's draft lyrics for Queen hits unveiled

A trove of Freddie Mercury's previously unseen handwritten draft lyrics for some of Queen's biggest hits goes on show Thursday in New York, ahead of their sale in London later this year.. Meanwhile a red notebook from the early 1970s, before Queen were signed as a band and believed to be Mercury's earliest known containing lyrics, will also be on show in New York until June 8.

Japan PM unveils $25 bn plan to tackle birthrate crisis

Japan's prime minister unveiled a $25 billion plan on Thursday to expand support for young people and families in a bid to help raise the country's plummeting birthrate.. At Thursday's meeting, Kishida said he wanted to budget roughly 3.5 trillion yen ($25 billion) over the next three years for the policies.

Pressure mounts on Pristina as Serbs rally again in north Kosovo

Ethnic Serbs gathered again in a flashpoint town in Kosovo on Thursday at the site of clashes earlier this week with NATO-led soldiers in Kosovo, as international pressure mounts on Pristina to diffuse tensions.. On Monday, NATO-led peacekeepers armed with shields and batons clashed with protesters throwing rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails.

Japan reports warmest spring on record

Japan experienced its warmest spring on record this year, the national weather agency said Thursday, as greenhouse gasses and El Nino send temperatures soaring worldwide.. The United Nations said last month it was near-certain that 2023-2027 would be the warmest five-year period ever recorded.

Musk leaves China after Tesla factory visit, govt meetings

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's private jet departed Shanghai on Thursday, Chinese flight-tracking data showed, as the tycoon wrapped up a visit to China, the world's largest market for electric vehicles.. Musk's jet took off from Shanghai's Hongqiao airport just after 11 am (0300 GMT) on Thursday, according to data from Umetrip, which is backed by China's major state-owned airlines.

NATO debates 'security guarantees' for Ukraine

NATO foreign ministers meeting in Oslo Thursday debated providing security guarantees to Ukraine after its war with Russia ends, as the alliance looks to narrow divisions over Kyiv's push to join the bloc.  . "Therefore we need to have in place frameworks to provide guarantees for Ukrainian security after the end of the war." 

Turkish support in Germany for Erdogan fuels integration debate

Strong backing for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan among Turks in Germany in last weekend's historic election has sparked renewed soul-searching about whether Berlin's attempts to integrate the minority are failing.. Despite the worries triggered by the weekend election results, some argue that the backing for Erdogan in Germany should not ring alarm bells. 

Famed Australian soldier loses war crimes defamation case

One of Australia's most decorated soldiers lost a landmark defamation case against major newspapers Thursday after a bruising trial that saw accusations of murder, domestic violence, witness intimidation and war crimes.. The case became one of Australia's longest-running defamation trials, with 40 witnesses providing often harrowing evidence about the behaviour of Australia's special forces.

US says ready to resume Sudan mediation once parties 'serious'

The United States said Thursday it will only be ready to mediate a truce between Sudan's warring parties when they get "serious", after the army left negotiations and the latest ceasefire unravelled.. The attacks came two days after United States and Saudi mediators said the warring parties had agreed to extend by five days the initial week-long humanitarian truce.

No alternative to risky oil tanker salvage in Yemen, UN says

Transferring more than a million barrels of oil from an abandoned tanker anchored off the shore of Yemen comes with "palpable risks" -- but doing nothing could lead to a devastating oil spill, a senior UN official said Wednesday.. "The oil... could actually be sold so that that revenue could be used to help people in Yemen who are desperate, fighting for their survival."