The SMARTest Way to Crowdfund for Indie Music Artists

Jeffery Lakes founder Jeffery Lakes champions his company’s gift card powered solutions as a SMARTer way to source the crowd for funds than super sites Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe.

Independent artists will go everywhere the money is to raise the capital necessary to produce and market their music. With crowdfunding fully established as a viable alternative solution to traditional funding options, many artists turn fast and furious to the crowd to fund their music projects. However, in most instances, the crowd remains unaware or uninterested in the majority of the music featured for funding on leading crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and even GoFundMe. 

According to the Kickstarter website, more than 56,000 music projects have been launched since its inception; however, more than 50.4% of those campaigns were unsuccessful. About 13.3% of those campaigns failed to launch past the zero funded stage, and of the more than 28,000 campaigns successfully funded, only 83 campaigns exceed the $100,000 threshold. So why is crowdfunding such a daunting endeavor for most indie music artists? According to Jeffery Lakes, founder and CEO of, “Most indie music artists fail because it takes money to make money applies to crowdfunding in more ways than they know until their campaign fails.” He continues: “Money powers everything, from retaining the people artists need to execute crowdfunding campaigns, to buying the social media ads that drive traffic and conversions...and without it, your campaigns’ going nowhere fast!”

Enter, the Los Angeles based digital commerce enterprise that develops gift cards into marketing solutions for retailers, brands, and startups. From its founder’s perspective, music meeting crowdfunding is a perfect storm for artists looking to gain traction into establishing a sustainable independent music career. However, successfully sourcing the crowd for capital does not require artists to set up shop on a crowdfunding site. Instead, artists can now source the crowd for funding through’s gift card powered online PR distribution and social reach to transaction solutions.

According to the website, the Online PR Distribution solution infuses gift cards and social influencers into the marketing mix to enable music-related content to reach and engage journalists, bloggers, videographers as well as music consumers everywhere they enjoy their favorite artists and songs the most. The Social Reach to Transactions solution meets indie music artists needing measurable social media promotions geared for interactive engagement and immediate monetization of their music.

Each solution sells separately for $250.00 (USD); however; bundled together for $399.00 (USD) conveys more than 20% off while also positioning indie music artists into a transaction-focused approach for raising the capital they need to produce and market their music competitively versus major-label backed artists. Phase one laser-focuses on raising $5,000 (USD)...a conceptual approach akin to a crowdfunding “soft-launch”. Phase two parlays those funds into full sponsorship of a four-point campaign geared to grow the artist’s social media; monetize their social media ($200-500K); building expansive distribution channels; and producing strategic partnerships and sponsorships.

The approach to gift cards and digital marketing is the SMARTest way for indie music artists to source the crowd for funds” says Jeffery Lakes. He continues: “with ‘SMART’ being an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely, it makes little to no sense for artists to invest thousands of dollars into crowdfunding sites that marginally support their projects. Instead, indie music artists should invest with a partner equipped to accompany them through every touchpoint of their music business journey.”

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