Great News for Building Facility Managers - Camfil US Solves Air Quality!

Great News for Building Facility Managers - Camfil US Solves Air Quality!

Camfil discusses workplace accidents in industrial facilities while giving employees the tools to succeed is a win-win for everyone involved.

Dallas, TX / April 12, 2019 / --- Working in an industrial environment can be a challenging occupation. The machines used in today’s manufacturing facilities can cause serious injury if proper precautions are not taken. While all workers need to be properly trained on how to avoid accidents, one group of workers particularly at risk of injuries is the maintenance staff.

The maintenance staff interacts with every facet of an industrial facility so they are more likely to encounter dangerous situations. Not only are they often tasked with maintaining machines on the production floor, but they are also responsible for keeping the building envelop operating at peak efficiency. That responsibility brings them into contact with electrical wiring, plumbing, mechanical, air filtration and any HVAC filtration equipment.

High Efficiency Air Filters for Industrial Facilities

Camfil’s Food and Beverage Segment Manager Mark Davidson says “I’ve seen several large food plants go from changing prefilters every month to every six months. They adjusted the changeout schedule to spring after the heavy planting season in nearby agriculture fields and six months later before the heavy snows begin.”

Camfil Regional Manager Rick Brundage points out “This particular customer was able to consolidate two filter stages which consisted of pleated panel filters and heavy rigid box style filters to a single stage consisting of lightweight and easily carried pocket filters while improving overall filter performance. Not only did the maintenance staff appreciate the cleaner air inside the plant, they didn’t miss carrying heavy metal filters during winter.”

Why Industrial Facility Managers Trust Camfil USA Air Filters

Maintaining the commercial air filtration equipment and building systems inside a facility is always going to be a challenging job for a facility manager and maintenance staff. It takes dedicated and talented people to keep everything running smoothly. If you’re the building manager of a manufacturing facility or any other type of industrial facility, Camfil USA has air filters designed specifically for your needs.  Help protect your employee’s safety or run a quick cost comparison to see why Camfil USA Industrial Air Filters is the clean air solution for all of your air filtration needs.

Continue learning about the challenges of changing air filters in industrial facilities or find more clean air solutions by visiting their Clean Air Air Filters blog.

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