Aspen Entertainment Announces the Licensing of the Movie Rights to Books about Shel Silverstein

Jeff Thomas

Aspen Entertainment announced the licensing of the story, art, and movie rights to Pat Dailey and also Marv Gold’s books about bestselling children's book author and cartoonist Shel Silverstein

Today The Aspen Entertainment Group announced the closing of an exclusive licensing and development contract with both Pat Dailey and Marv Gold’s estate.

The Pat Dailey agreement is for the licensing of the publication and movie rights to Mr. Dailey’s upcoming book about Shel Silverstein titled “My Friend – The Coolest S.O.B. in the World."

The Marv Gold agreement is for the licensing of the publication and movie rights to Mr. Gold’s two books about Shel Silverstein: “Silverstein and Me: A Memoir” and “Shel Silverstein’s Wise Ass Sayings.”

Aspen Entertainment is currently developing a script for its upcoming film production “Little Big Pond – The Shel Silverstein Story” based on both Gold’s and Dailey’s books and will include the story behind the production of “Underwaterland”. Underwaterland is a music production created by Pat Dailey and Shel Silverstein in 1997 and purchased in 1918 by Aspen Entertainment. Upon the successful purchase of the Underwaterland intellectual property, Aspen Entertainment added the development of “Little Big Pond – The Shel Silverstein Story” to its portfolio of projects slated for production in 2019. With the script currently in development, the casting of the film is scheduled for mid 2019.

When asked about the acquisition of the Gold and Dailey properties Executive Vice President Jeff Thomas said "We are excited at Aspen Entertainment to have this opportunity to tell this often humorous and funny story that chronicles the life of America’s most celebrated children’s author and artist. We look forward to re-releasing the original music, which in some ways really is a lost Silverstein work, and the development of the movie that will portray his everlasting friendship with Dailey, Gold, and many others throughout his life.”

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