Broden and Mickelsen Bring Attention to White Collar Crimes with Two New Articles

Law Office of Broden & Mickelsen discuss white collar crimes in Dallas, TX.

Criminal defense attorneys Broden and Mickelsen share professional insight on white collar crime topics with the Dallas area.

Dallas, TX / July 9, 2019 / -- Broden & Mickelsen, experienced criminal defense attorneys serving the Dallas area, have recently released two new articles pertaining to important legal topics on their website blog. Broden & Mickelsen is highly respected for their expertise in defending white collar criminal cases. In their recent articles, they share their insights on two very important white collar crime topics. 

“As the end of tax season approaches, it’s important for people to have an understanding of tax fraud, tax evasion and the consequences of these criminal acts,” stated Attorney Mick Mickelsen, a white collar defense lawyer at Broden & Mickelsen. “People are often surprised that seemingly “innocent” omissions can have serious legal repercussions.”

In their blog titled "5 Things Everyone Should Know About Tax Evasion and Fraud,"  Broden & Mickelsen provide valuable information on the topics of tax fraud and tax evasion. This is followed up with another article titled "Is It Possible to Gain Employment After Conviction for a White Collar Cime," in which Broden & Mickelsen discuss the challenges of employment after being convicted of a white-collar crime.

“Seeking employment is one of the most significant challenges for a person being convicted of a white-collar crime,” Mickelsen added. “Unfortunately, a conviction, especially if it’s a felony, can present obstacles in the job search process. It’s important that we openly discuss these challenges.”

Broden & Mickelsen, who have been voted Best Lawyers for Criminal Defense by D Magazine, encourage anyone in need of legal advice or criminal defense representation to contact them directly to discuss their case. With areas of specialization that include white collar crimes and appellate law, Broden & Mickelsen provide exceptional legal services to the Dallas area. You can read their new blogs and learn more about white collar crimes and criminal defense strategy on their website blog


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