Top Growth Stocks and Best Blue-Chip Stocks to Buy in 2019

The team at chooses the top growth stocks and blue-cap stocks to invest in for 2019.

The content team at offers their opinion on the top four growth stocks for August and September of 2019 and the best blue-chip stocks to invest in for the rest of the year.

Top 4 Growth Stocks for August & September 2019

Growth stocks are a great source of immense gains, especially when compared to average stocks. They are expected to have a much higher growth rate than other stocks in the market. All businesses cannot have growth stocks. Companies with growth stock rely highly on innovation and novelty which drives their market share and customer loyalty. Companies with growth stock tend to have unique product lines that may hold patents or access to technologies that put them ahead of others in their industry.

A major difference between a growth stock and other stocks in the market is that the investors do not receive dividends. To stay ahead of competitors, these companies reinvest their profits in the business to develop even newer technologies and patents to accelerate their growth.  

Popular industries that are inclined to foster growth stocks are technology, biotech, and some consumer discretionary companies. One of the best ways to identify a growth stock is by being on the lookout for unusual trading activity. This article identifies why in our opinion, the top four growth stocks you can invest in right now include - Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG), Ciena Corporation (CIEN), PagSeguro Digital Ltd. (PAGS), and Starbucks Corporation (SBUX).

Best Blue-Chip Stocks to Buy for 2019

Blue-chip companies are a haven for many low-risk investors. They are multinational companies that have been in operation for several years. In a volatile stock market, blue-chip companies offer stability because of their well-established, financially sound, and historically secure corporation position in the market. Blue-chip stocks, also known as large-cap stocks, are based on the companies’ high market capitalization of $1 billion or more. 

Blue-chip companies enjoy their position as market leaders because of their robust executive management teams that make intelligent growth decisions for their high-quality products and services. Popular examples of blue-chip stocks are Coca-Cola, Disney, Intel, and IBM. More recent examples of blue-chip companies are Yahoo! and Google, the two biggest search engines, which may subsequently enter the ranks of blue chips.

History proves that blue-chip investments are typically a good investment for the long run. However, with stock markets, nothing is certain. A common reason some investors don’t prefer blue-chips stocks is that they often pay smaller dividends than even the 4% yield associated with income stocks; however, in our opinion, they are close to a sure thing. This article identifies our opinion on the top five blue-chip stocks to invest in during 2019.

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