Compassion Strategies In The Workplace Can Inspire New Paradigm For Success

Dr. Immanual Joseph's newest book is an invitation to rediscover the power of human consciousness both in and out of the workplace and for gaining a deep understanding of what compassion means today

Fremont, CA / September 19, 2019 / — The fifth industrial revolution is upon us — a time when artificial intelligence will take on a growing number of tasks formerly handled by humans. To make the most of what is traditionally a period of industrial advancement and technical innovation, corporate trainer and author Immanual Joseph proposes a reawakening of a uniquely human trait: compassion.

The Fifth Revolution: Reinventing Workplace Happiness, Health, and Engagement Through Compassion is an invitation to rediscover the power of human consciousness both in and out of the workplace.

“Compassion is a behavior that is always desired but often missing in workplaces, including among leadership,” Joseph says. “This book delivers the skills of workplace compassion in a practical, hands-on way that has not been done before.”

Readers will gain a deep understanding of what compassion means and will explore compassion skills to incorporate into their lives as individuals, influencers and leaders. Along the way, Joseph introduces his nine pillars of workplace compassion, which include people-first thinking, abundance mindset, embracing others and big-picture thinking. His aim is to teach people how to use compassion frameworks to shift work cultures — even governments — and create strategies for lifelong changes.

“We deserve an internal and cultural framework in workplaces that allows us to flourish both personally and professionally,” Joseph writes in his book. “Workplaces that bring out the best in people thrive. The fifth revolution starts with creating these workplaces.”

In an age of artificial intelligence, as our jobs and professional identities are gradually being redefined by technology, compassion can be the standout skill that defines our uniqueness and propels our professional success. The Fifth Revolution is all about practical compassion — part information, part stories, part workbook and all transformation. For more information visit

About the Author

Author Immanual Joseph, PhD, CPC, is a former cancer drug discovery scientist who chose to become an evangelist of human compassion in workplaces following a period of taking care of people in end-of-life situations. Inspired by personal compassion experiences post-Hurricane Katrina, Immanual created Compassion Leaders, a company that helps organizations solve human and business challenges through compassion training. His training curriculum, “The 9 Pillars of Workplace Compassion,” has been reviewed and praised by experts from Stanford and used by global organizations.

Joseph obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from the Tulane School of Medicine, New Orleans, and is a certified professional coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. He has several high impact scientific publications and a book chapter to his credit. Joseph has also authored five fiction and one non-fiction book in two languages (English and Tamil). He is the co-founder of MetaMindfulness Multiversity ( — a platform that brings the teachings of some of the wisest teachers of our generation to corporate audiences.

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