Camfil Offers Innovative Solutions to the Hazards of Aseptic Processing

molecular filtration systems by Camfil

Camfil, a world leader in clean air solutions, neutralizes the risks of aseptic processing with innovative molecular filtration systems.

Camfil, a trusted world leader in the manufacture and development of clean air solutions, is excited to share news of the effectiveness of the company’s molecular filtration systems in food processing facilities. Camfil’s approach to molecular filtration offers a solution to production and safety concerns in facilities that employ the use of sterilants such as PAA and HP sterilants. 

“Peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide are commonly used in aseptic filling lines.” Said Mark Davidson Food and Beverage Segment Manager at Camfil. “These sterilants produce a residue, that if not effectively addressed, can cause lost production time and in some cases pose a health risk to employees. 

Camfil assisted a major beverage packaging facility in minimizing the effect of residual peracetic acid on production employees. Prior to the implementation of Camfil’s molecular filtration solutions, employee complaints ranged from feeling generally unwell to breathing difficulties. After installation, significant data-backed improvements in the environment were noted. 

In another case where hydrogen peroxide vapor was in use, occasional weather and wind patterns would cause low concentration of exhausted vapor to pool near the HVAC system’s intake duct. Under those rare conditions, enough vapor would be drawn into the plant to set off alarms to protect workers from exposure. The production area would be evacuated and ventilation systems allowed to run until the air quality was safe again. Each occurrence caused employee safety concerns and lost production time.

To address this issue, Camfil installed a CityCarb molecular filter in the intake of that particular HVAC systems. The Rapid Adsorption Dynamics media (RAD) in the CityCarb was able to convert the hydrogen peroxide vapor to harmless water. Since the installation, the alarms have never gone off and the plant has estimated that eliminating this occasional issues has improved employee safety and saved over $200,000 annually in lost production time.

“As innovators in clean air filtration, our goal is to educate companies and provide the most effective clean air solutions.” Said Davidson F&B Manager at Camfil “Situations where employee health is at risk and excessive production downtime exists is, unfortunately, more common than we may realize. Our molecular filtration products offer proven solutions for controlling residual airborne chemicals. We’re proud to offer molecular filters and are committed to encouraging healthy environments.”

Camfil, the parent company of Camfil USA, is one of the most trusted air filtration specialists in the world. With more than 26 production and R&D centers around the globe, the impact of Camfil’s molecular filtration systems for food processing facilities offers enormous promise for both the health of the environment and that of the hard working people employed by leading manufacturers around the world.


Camfil is a world leader in air filtration and clean air solutions, with 23 production plants and R&D centers in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. For more information, visit us online at Camfil website or call us toll-free at 888.599.6620.

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