How Your Surroundings Make You More Productive Says Dallas Coworking space provider Venture X

How Your Surroundings Make You More Productive

Dallas coworking space provider, Venture X, explains how your workplace surroundings can make you more productive, with reasons including aspects of design, selective privacy and collaboration.

Dallas, TX - Co-working spaces have immensely benefited freelancers and small businesses, allowing them to have control over their work, and engage with other professionals from various industries. Co-working space is a type of membership-driven communal workspace for freelancers and start-ups to get out of the house or bounce ideas off other creatives.

Extensive research also suggests that coworking spaces have become the most productive places for freelancers and small business owners to work, compared to home and traditional office environments. According to global research by Deskmag and Deskwanted, coworking spaces can significantly increase productivity, as well as the size of an employee’s business and social networks. Feelings of creativity and collaboration increase and a third of participants in the research even reported an increase in income. 

Coworking spaces are found to boost your productivity despite having all the different kinds of 'chilling zones'. Being a part of the community and infrastructure keeps you motivated and inspired.

The benefits of strong, well-planned spatial design can be seen across all aspects of business, but there are several unique benefits attached to joining a coworking space. Research shows that after joining a coworking space, 74% of workers experienced an increase in productivity, resulting in wide appreciation for the communal areas. 

Co-working space always prioritizes and promotes creativity and collaboration, primarily focusing on open office layouts to do so. They are designed with the verbal and internal processors in mind, because the ability to concentrate is a key part of productivity. Professionals in the co-working space are encouraged to respect designated talking and quiet spaces to allow their co-workers to focus on their tasks.

Freelancers and small start-ups who have only a few employees, neither of whom typically have offices, are able to find a community of their own in vibrant, contemporary coworking spaces. They also find belonging and recognition and feel less isolated while working on a coworking space. An environment conducive for collaboration and networking helps increase work performance and satisfaction. Although a co-working space lacks the culture of a single, unified organization, the decoration can still connect workers to an overall purpose.

A successful co-working space can be identified by its engaging design that can lead to further productivity for coworkers. The perfect blend of decoration, layout, and accents can form a beneficial setting that suits a diverse group of professionals.  

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