Dallas Sex Crime Criminal Attorneys Offer Advice on the Sensitive Subject of Sexual Assault

Dallas Sex Crime Criminal Attorneys Broden & Mickelsen Offer Advice on the Sensitive Subject of Sexual Assault

Broden & Mickelsen publish new articles focused on answering criminal defense questions in the subject of criminal sexual assault

Dallas, TX, Jan 2nd, 2020: Broden & Mickelsen, experienced criminal defense attorneys serving the Texas State and Federal criminal defense cases have announced the recent release of two new articles to their award-winning blog. Broden & Mickelsen, with their years of expertise, discuss the sensitive subject of sexual assault in their most recent articles. 

“Sexual assault is a complex area of criminal defense law, due in large part to the sensitive nature of the subject, and the central role that consent plays in each case,” stated Mick Mickelsen, Attorney at Broden & Mickelsen. “Texas, along with every other state in the nation has laws in place that define consent, and more specifically, the lack of consent in criminal sexual assault.”

In their blog titled Consent in Criminal Sexual Assault,

Dallas sex crime defense lawyer Mick Mickelsen explain the role of consent in cases of sexual assault, as well as dive into Texas consent laws specifically, including the legal age of consent in the state. In addition to helping the Dallas community understand consent, the experienced team of sex crime defense attorneys explains the difference between aggravated and non-aggravated sexual assault in their blog  What Is the Difference Between Aggravated and Non Aggravated Sexual Assault.

“Sexual assault is a felonious offense in the state of Texas,” Texas Attorney Clint Broden added. “While sexual assault is a second degree felony, there are certain aggravating factors that can elevate the crime to a first degree felony, with much more severe penalties.”

Crimes of sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault can be incredibly complex areas of law. If you’re looking at facing sexual assault charges and need defense counsel, Broden & Mickelsen can help. Broden & Mickelsen offer their extensive depth of sexual assault criminal defense expertise to the Dallas area, and are available to help and answer your questions about white collar crimes, appeals, and other areas of criminal defense law. 

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Broden & Mickelsen are a team of criminal defense attorneys representing the Dallas area. With more than 50 years of combined experience in criminal and appellate law, Clint Broden and Mick Mickelsen have earned multiple accolades and awards, including being awarded Thomson Reuter’s Texas Super Lawyer every year for more than a decade. For more information or a consultation, contact the office of Broden & Mickelsen at 214-720-9552.

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