Four Leading Causes of Semi Truck Crashes in Colorado

Four Leading Causes of Semi Truck Crashes in Colorado

With the beautiful mountains of Colorado come some turbulent road conditions—especially for truckers. Here are the 4 leading causes of semi truck accidents and how you can avoid being a victim in one.

With the beautiful mountains of Colorado, come some pretty turbulent driving conditions, especially for the truckers.  It wasn’t too long ago a semi truck driver on I-70 in Golden lost control, causing a fiery accident that killed four surrounding drivers and injured several others.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time an accident involving a truck like this has happened and it undoubtedly won’t be the last.  

Today we’d like to tell you about the four leading causes of semi truck accidents and how you can avoid being a victim to one.  

One: Driver Error

All of us are human and we all make mistakes, semi truck drivers are no different, but their driving mistakes can be very severe.

Truck drivers are oftentimes driving while under timeframe pressure, so they are prone to push themselves which allows for sleepiness, lethargy, boredom, hunger, etc.  All of these things will contribute to a sub-par driver.  

If you see a truck driving erratically, you should avoid it at all costs, even it that means getting off the road altogether.  Also, be quick to call the proper authorities so the situation doesn’t turn deadly.  

Keeping your distance from a semi truck is always a good idea, even if the driver is driving safely.  There are many things that can cause a semi truck accident that you may not be able to see or respond to quickly if you’re driving too closely.  For instance: 

  • An animal may jump in front of the truck.
  • Another driver may swerve or brake and cause the truck to do the same.
  • Something could fall off of the truck.
  • Road conditions could cause the truck driver to react before thinking.

Be smart and stay focused so you can read and anticipate the truck’s behavior. 

Two:  The Truck Needs Maintenance 

Truck drivers are required to ensure their rigs are well maintained and in proper working order at all times.  They are supposed to look over their trucks rigorously prior to every shift.  

Most trucking companies have their fleet closely evaluated and get continuous reports on their service.  However, this can get overlooked and trucks can get pushed through even if they aren’t 100%.  

From faulty brake pads to bad windshield wipers to worn tires, all of these things can cause major accidents, even though they may be seen as not that significant.  Afterall, it’s not like there’s a problem with the engine. The smallest details ensuring a rig is safe must be taken into consideration.

Again, if you find yourself driving near a truck, keep your distance and pay attention, as these defective truck components may not be visible to you until it’s too late.

Three: The Weather 

We all know that the weather in Colorado is unpredictable.  Not only that, but it may be 60 degrees and sunny near the mesa and 30 degrees and snowing in the mountains.  These odd conditions will wreak havoc on the roads.

So, if you’re having trouble getting your Subaru from point A to point B, imagine what the semi truck next to you is going through.  Best advice: drive slowly in ice, snow, and rain and when near a truck, use caution. Semis have propensity to skid, hydroplane, and jackknife in bad weather.

Four: Cargo Issues

When trucks have open cargo areas there is always the possibility that the cargo was loaded improperly or not secured correctly.  This may allow for cargo to fall out of or off of the truck.  

When you see trucks with open cargo containers, stay back and stay aware, so you can quickly move out of the way should there be any cargo-related problem with the truck.  This includes the possibility of cargo falling off the truck and into the road in front of you.  

The Takeaway 

Semi trucks and their drivers share the road with us and we need to be prepared for the realities of what a semi accident can cause.  Beyond car and road damage, fatalities are a serious possibility.

For those involved in a semi truck accident, speaking with a personal injury attorney is a smart move.  At Hull & Zimmerman we know the trucking regulations and how to investigate these tragic accidents with the depth needed.  Call us and let us help.


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