Attorney marketing has changed. Your paradigm needs to change in 2020.

Attorney marketing has changed. Your paradigm needs to change in 2020.

In 2020 and beyond, attorneys need a website that converts leads into quality cases.

Dallas, TX — Nationally recognized digital marketing expert Qamar Zaman shares an open letter addressing the essentials to predictable growth for law firms from Google SEO, Instagram & Facebook audience targeting. 

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Future of SEO after Google Core Update and E-A-T for Lawyers

In 2020 and beyond, attorneys need a website that converts leads into quality cases. “If your 2019 results were shabby,” he writes, “you need an agile consultant who can think beyond SEO.”

The first step to a successful marketing strategy is to remember that your target audience spends most of its time on their phones. Prospects use Google searches and discuss their injuries and misfortunes on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Your digital marketing must be a mixture of Google Ads strategy, Facebook intent-based content advertising, Instagram audience targeting, and YouTube, IGTV, and other video platforms.  

Second, Zaman advises, “Old vanity keywords will not translate in the volume you need to survive.” Instead, you should be seeking out intent-based keywords. For example, a personal injury lawyer should avoid targeting a few vanity keywords, such as ‘Philadelphia Accident Lawyer,’ and instead, try to find 100 variations of pain terms that people search when they’ve been hit by a car. 

Perform an internet search for all probable terms you should position for in the local space and see how you stack up. If you do not see your lawyer over the first page of Google, your search engine optimization strategy should be examined. 

Next, audit your law firm SEO marketing with the following checklist.

  • Assess your backlinks. How many new backlinks has your SEO marketing company procured, and what is the grade of the links?
  • Consider the age of new links. Has your SEO company been implementing any new strategies?
  • Are you new links coming from relevant and authority websites?
  • Just how much new content is published monthly? 
  • Check Google Analytics to see if the latest content is turning into traffic.
  • If applicable, are your social media marketing posts creating traffic for your website in Google analytics?
  • Have you been targeting your advertisements for the ideal customer? 
  • What is the bounce pace of your website? If your attorney website has over 30 percent bounce speed, you’re earning money on the desk, and your web site is still bleeding.

Strategies continue to evolve along with advancing technology. Don’t forget to consider the rising presence of voice search, schema compliance, and artificial intelligence in your marketing plan. 

Qamar Zaman is a national expert in attorney marketing teaches lawyers non-technical 1-1- SEO class across the nation so they can implement the best processes to grow their legal brand beyond search engine optimization. Zaman is the CEO of Dallas-based KISS PR, a website growth company that focuses on SEO. Qamar has been cited in prime news publications, including Forbes, Huffington Post and many Tier-1 news websites. 


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