Camfil's new case study shows that the use of a 30/30 Dual 9, 12-month performance guaranteed air filter, results in 33% less HVAC energy usage.

A new case study of a retail mall by Camfil has shown that the use of a 30/30 Dual 9, 12-month performance guaranteed air filter “results in 3600 fewer filters shipped to landfill annually and 33% less HVAC energy usage.”

The shopping center in question, located in Western Canada, houses more than two hundred retailers in almost one million square feet of space and ranks among the top ten most productive shopping centers. Mall ownership implemented a sustainability program to demonstrate their environmental commitment and to support controlling operating costs while gaining loyalty from both shop owners and their mall patrons.  

The previous air filtration program required four changes per year ( in over three hundred air handling units). “The annual labor hours required to maintain the change-out schedule, as well as the additional time required to clean dirty heating and cooling coils, was placing a significant drain on the maintenance staff’s time and delayed work on several projects,” says Camfil USA. The lengthy ice and snow season at the mall’s location (typically September through May) further increased the risk and delay for three of the four changes. 

Instead of the economy grade, cut-to-size filters previously used, a representative from Camfil recommended the 30/30® Dual 9 (a MERV 9/9A high capacity pleated air filter with a 12-month service life guarantee).

A pressure drop testing program was instituted to evaluate and prove the Dual 9's ability to maintain proper airflow into the building for the full 12 months. The mall staff installed Dual 9s in several air handling units in order to compare the performance against their current filters installed in nearby units.

The test proved the 30/30® Dual 9 filters could remain in service for 12 months while delivering a greater volume of cleaner air at a lower average pressure drop.

After a year, the results of the test  were as follows: 

  • One change per year instead of four saves seven weeks of labor, which can be dedicated to other projects. 
  • 3600 fewer dirty filters would have been shipped to the local landfill that year if all 300 units had the Dual 9 installed. 
  • The Dual 9 removed up to six times more harmful particles from the air.
  • The Dual 9 cut energy costs by 33%.

“The Dual 9 resulted in seven weeks of reallocated labor,” said the mall’s Facility Manager, “I wish we had converted sooner.” 



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