Serial Entrepreneur Debuts Third Published Book: The New Intrapreneur

Dr. Brad Poppie

The New Intrapreneur completes the Poppie Trilogy; A series of published books to guide anyone in the business world

Serial entrepreneur and seasoned businessman, profound speaker and author, Dr. Brad Poppie, announced today the launch of The New Intrapreneur. From the dreaming entrepreneur, mid-to-upper corporate management, Dr. Poppie shares methodologies that can help businesses grow, build strong teams. These easy to follow guidelines help to work on your business rather than in your business. 

The New Intrapreneur is Dr. Poppie’s third published book—expanding on his past guides. The Poppie Trilogy includes: The Poppie Factor; Creating and Sustaining Unstoppable Business Momentum and most recent publication, The New Intrapreneur. His relatable 30+ years of experience in the business world, Dr. Brad Poppie arms readers with the knowledge on how to grow a business while not being married to it.

“The New Intrapreneur is a fast-moving, practical book that shows you how to start, build or manage any business by finding and fielding the right people,” said Brian Tracy, a bestselling author and motivational speaker. “I recommend anyone in the business world to share Poppie’s algorithm for success,” added Tracy.

In 2019, Dr. Brad Poppie was vetted and selected by a review committee at Forbes Councils based on his in-depth and diversity of his experience. “It has been a rewarding experience to have joined the Forbes Councils,” said Dr. Brad Poppie. “Not only is it an honor to be amongst highly regarded business professionals, it also further cements my dedication to learn, educate and be involved in my community by sharing my business experience with published articles, authored books and other mediums.” 

To learn more on how to grow your business, the Poppie Trilogy, including The New Intrapreneur, can be found on Amazon’s Kindle and Audible, and paperback.


Poppie Enterprises is the corporate umbrella company to Dr. Brad Poppie’s business ventures including Physical Rehabilitation Specialists, Bradley Allen Apparel and Langston Press. Poppie Enterprises is dedicated to the success of its customers and employees. Honest business practices and ethical behavior are highly valued, Dr. Brad Poppie is a profound well-respected speaker and author. His published books, The Poppie Factor trilogy are designed to guide anyone within the business world ranging from the dreaming entrepreneur to corporate upper management. To learn more about Dr. Brad Poppie, visit

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