The Most Common Construction Worker Injuries

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Construction work can be chaotic and prime for accidents. Although strict regulations have been created, some errors can lead to injury or death. Here are the most common construction worker injuries.

Construction workers work in dangerous conditions daily.  Oftentimes there’s heavy, moving machinery and several people doing various jobs.  These things contribute to a chaotic atmosphere that’s prime for accidents. Strict working guidelines and regulations have been developed for this industry because worker safety needs to be a priority.  

Although the construction worker regulations have been put in place, there’s always room for human error and those can lead to catastrophic injury or death.  Today we’ll go over the most common construction worker injuries.  

Injury due to getting hit by an object

There are usually several moving parts on a construction site.  With so much equipment, tools, and materials being moved around, there are several cases of worker injury due to getting hit by some kind of object.  

This can range from something small, such as a falling piece of wood or tool that hits someone below with minimal damage and injury, to someone being hit or even run over by an equipment vehicle.  Some on-site injuries can lead to death.  

It’s important that construction site workers follow the regulations mandated for their safety, but also being practical and using common sense is necessary.  Here are some easy ways to keep safety at the forefront: 

  • Always wear the proper safety gear
  • Staying alert and attentive at all times 
  • Using equipment properly 
  • Storing equipment safely 
  • Don’t take shortcuts

These are all smart ways to help ensure the safety of you and the crew working on a construction site. 

Injury due to a fall

Construction sites are not known for their tidiness, often there are items scattered all throughout the site.  Workers must pay attention to where they’re going at all times, especially when working on high floors with no walls for protection.  Keep a lookout for wet areas to avoid slipping and if you notice wet floors that aren’t signaled, be sure to put up proper signage.  

When construction is beginning, supports may not all be in place and that can lead to structurally unsound areas, be on alert and avoid areas that aren’t ready for traffic yet.  

Falling from a scaffold or ladder is commonplace on a construction site, so workers need to be aware and not take shortcuts, using these items as they are meant to be used.

Be sure you have adequate lighting and keep your workspace in order and tidy at all times to help maintain safety and minimize injury.

Injury due to machinery or equipment 

Construction sites use heavy, moving machinery to move equipment from point A to point B.  These vehicles weigh tons and hold tons, so getting in their way is extremely dangerous. Workers can easily get caught between or inside machinery that is used to compress or crush materials.  

Workers must be diligent in avoiding this type of machinery whenever possible.  When a worker comes face-to-face with equipment like this, serious injury or death can occur.  

Construction workers should keep clear of moving or rotating equipment and keep all body parts and loose clothing out of the reach of heavy machinery, whether the machinery is in use or not.  

Injury due to electrocution 

Electrocution on construction sites is an ongoing problem within the industry.  These accidents can cause several injuries:

It’s vital to a safe work environment that electrical sources are properly installed and maintained throughout the construction site.  Whenever possible, workers should avoid electrical sources altogether.  

Construction workers have a right to safety and when those rights are challenged or not taken into account and an injury is the result, visiting with a workers’ comp attorney is the next move.  

Filing a workers’ comp claim will Hull & Zimmerman will ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your suffering and loss of wages.  

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