From Hulu to Youtube to Yolamovies, the 10 Best sites for Free Streaming Movies


Streaming movies at home lets you maximize comfort and entertainment.

Streaming movies at home lets you maximize comfort and entertainment. But what if you could stream free movies online? There are a few sites where you can access free movies online from your computer, laptop, or mobile phone. These sites include:

1. is a simple site that has a prominent search bar right in the middle of the home page, looks quite like Google. If you know what series or movies you want to enjoy, just type its title and press enter or click on the search button. In case you are. Not sure of the movie you want to watch yet, you can check the website media library in the Movies menu or Most rating, Top IMDB menu.

    Each movie has an official trailer, actors’ list, a description, duration, IMDB rating, release year, genre, and other helpful information. Yolamovies also provides two servers for users to choose from. If one of the servers is overloaded, one can just click the other one to start streaming. Most movies on are in HD or Ultra HD formats and can be viewed on any device or in any web browser.

    Also, users can send a request for their favorite movie, which is not currently on, and it will be added within 24 hours.

    2. Hulu has an extensive collection of movies, animes, cartoons, and TV series. The website owners add new movies regularly, so you’ll find a film to watch in the evening.  Users can watch thousands of shows and movies, with plans starting at $5.99/month.

      Like yolamovies, Hulu offers a download button that lets users save a movie for watching it without the Internet connection. If you create a profile at Hulu, you’ll be able to add a video to a Watch later playlist.

      3. Crackle: Sony Entertainment owns crackle website, and thus it’s one of the most reliable free movie streaming services. Apart from movies, Crackle also offers TV shows that include animes, comedies, crimes, and other series. There are even some original videos one won’t find on other websites. Most Crackle videos are in 360p or 480p and are available for full-screen watching.

        Like, Crackle also lets users watch movies without registration. However, they’ll have to add their date of birth each time they want to enjoy an R-rated movie.

        4. YouTube: YouTube is the largest video hosting website and also offers hundreds of free movies. Unfortunately, users will have to search for a particular movie title and also read comments from users to be sure the video is not a fake but a real movie.

          Alternatively, users can open a YouTube Movie channel and watch movies in the free section.

          5. Popcornflix is another website to check out if one wants to stream a movie for free. It has a collection of exciting movies (over 1500) of almost every genre like Drama, Horror, Comedy, Action, Romance, and so on.

            Currently, the site is available for users based in the US and Canada, but more regions will soon be supported.

            6. Vudu is a real treasure for lovers of anime. Here users can find almost everything they can imagine. By and large, the site offers more than 150,000 both rare and popular movies and TV series. Vudu is available in 120 countries and has millions of visitors per month.

              Users can search for a movie by title if they know exactly what they want to watch or by genre. They can also sort the videos by the most viewed rating, latest additions, staff picks or feeling lucky.

              7. TubiTV has a beautiful user interface and thousands of movie titles to enjoy. TubiTV has a partnership with various content providers like MGM Studios, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, and more. Here, users can find the most popular Hollywood movies, documentaries, cartoons, indie films, and movies in foreign languages.

                TubiTV’s website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Users can find a movie to watch by genre or sub-genre like Features, New Arrivals, Most Popular, etc.

                8. MoviesFoundOnline

                  This website curates free movies, TV shows, stand-up comedy videos, and independent films. The site hosts free movies ranging from short films and cult classics to comedy movies and documentaries. This website curates loads of public domain movies and serves them to users.

                  9. Yidio: Most times, Yidio doesn’t host movies but provides links to other free movie websites like Crackle, where users can watch a film at no cost. There is a free section with videos that users can filter by genres like Western, Drama, Action, and others or by rating.

                    Yidio movies are uploaded in DVD quality. Although they are not too suitable for a big screen, the quality is perfect for watching films on mobile phones.

                    10. TDF: TDF means Top Documentary Films. As the name implies, it is a place where users can find thousands of documentary videos by browsing films by topics such as Biography, Science, Technology, History, Arts and Artists, Media, Environment, Sports, Nature, and many others. The titles can also be sorted by votes, ratings, dates, comments, and shares.

                      Each movie has a full description so that users can quickly decide if they want to watch it or not. After watching, they can share their thoughts in comments to help other users in deciding what movie to watch.

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