The Start Of A Gospel Music Revival

The News has been buzzing about the return of a revival in Gospel Music. Introducing Daequan McKinney known as the anointed voice for God

Many people have been literally floored concerning some once upon a time Rap artist who now say they have be saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. One could hope that these artist who hold a microphone and inspire or influence our entertainment audience would use it to glorify the name of Jesus and to inspire our youth who will one day represent what they have learned from those who are the seasonal trend in entertainment. 

One artist new to the stage(Daequan McKinney) agrees and brings to the stage his Gospel sound while also influencing those who are drawn in my his powerhouse vocals and anointed gift to demonstrate what it is to truly worship the Lord.

His newest album 'Letter To The Church' can be found on most all music outlets on the web and on Reverbnation.           

Conscious Music Entertainment is proud to have Daequan McKinney,  as one of their artist who stands for wholesome support in music and as a leader to those who will be influenced by his musical message.

Part of CME, music mission is to educate the importance of music and the supernatural power it carries and how its ability to resonate to the heart and soul which creates a reaction to the genre type and feel of its sound. Put that music to lyrics and you have an amazing arsenal that either creates violence or hope and love.

When humanity truly begins to understand the concept of how music operates then they can begin to make better choices in the kinds of music they choose.

It is the hope of CME, that the conscious state of mind concerning music goes viral and begins to get contagious because music resonate with the heart and this is where our conscious moral values are ignited.

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