Science in Theatre Festival Brings Artists, Scientists and Technologists In New York

The festival will be held at the cell in Chelsea, New York City, August 14-16. August, 2020

Science in Theatre Festival Brings Artists, Scientists and Technologists together in New York in August, 2020

Transforma Theatre, a New York-based not-for-profit with a mission to create interactive theatrical experiences at the nexus of consciousness, science and ritual, in residency with Nancy Manocherian’s the cell, has announced the inaugural Science in Theatre Festival will take place on August 14-16 at the cell. The festival will live-stream the program and hopes to simultaneously welcome live audiences as New York City reaches the 4th phase of reopening.

“Our goal is to align forms of theater with current scientific research in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and epigenetics, and communicate this knowledge of technological possibilities to our audiences in a pioneering way of storytelling,” said Tjaša Ferme, artistic director of Transforma Theatre. “We are proud to partner and share our vision and excitement with the cell as we present three one-act plays. Each will be followed by talk-backs, science presentations, and panels consisting of scientists and artists on three consecutive nights.”

The plays, each addressing a different scientific premise, have been commissioned specifically for the festival. The collaborations consist of three playwrights paired with three scientists of matching interests.

The participating playwrights are Saviana Stanescu, Nancy Manocherian, and Alexis Roblan. The data scientist Niki Athanasiadou, Ph.D; Dr. Heidi Boisvert, a MIT fellow and TED-Talk speaker; and molecular biologist Polona Šafarič Tepeš are the confirmed participants. 

During the day, Science in Theatre Festival will host different innovation technology brands, presenting their latest inventions that can be used in the arts; EEG devices, wearables, biodata sensors and more. Science in Theatre Festival would love to invite inventive companies to apply for our day programming of an immersive tech-innovation expo.

COVID-19 Statement: 

Science in Theatre Festival team stated that they are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and they will strictly follow the official guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19: the audience members will be seated six-feet apart, seats will be sanitized, and employees and audiences will be required to wear masks.

Over all, theaters in 90 percent of overseas markets will be running again by mid-July, according to the National Association of Theater Owners, a trade organization for movie exhibitors in 98 countries.

About Transforma Theatre 

Transforma Theatre is a center where art tackles how scientific ideas and metaphysical knowledge about consciousness overlap. We are pioneering a new form of theatrical expression and developing a close community of artists and scientists instilled with the freedom of thinking and creating in alternative ways. Transforma’s founding members are Jacob Sebag, Natalie Kacinik and Tjaša Ferme.

About the cell

Our mission at the cell is to mine the mind, pierce the heart, and awaken the soul through the incubation of new work.

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The festival will be held at the cell in Chelsea, New York City, August 14-16.

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