Camfil Clean Air Podcast1: Camfil Healthcare Air Purifier Converts Regular Rooms Into Isolation Unit

In this podcast Product Manager for CamCleaners and Containment Products at Camfil USA, Keith Woolard discusses CC500 development in the air filtration industry.

In this podcast Product Manager for CamCleaners and Containment Products at Camfil USA, Keith Woolard discusses CC500 development in the air filtration industry.

In this podcast Product Manager for CamCleaners and Containment Products at Camfil USA, Keith Woolard discusses CC500 development in the air filtration industry. 

Camfil Upon the release of Camfil’s new product, the CamCleaner CC500, the Camfil engineer who took a leading role in designing and developing the product answers questions about its features, benefits, and inner workings. The CC500 is a multipurpose in-unit air purifier with the ability to create negative pressure isolation rooms with important benefits for the healthcare industry among the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What does ‘containment’ mean in the filtration industry? 

Essentially what we’re doing is containing or isolating the particulate that’s inside this airstream, and protecting the other HVAC equipment from being exposed to that potentially harmful particulate. We’re taking the air that’s inside of, for example, a biosafety research facility or a nuclear facility and any other place that’s doing high-level research. We’re protecting the personnel as well as protecting the environment from the air being exhausted outside. So When we’re talking about containment, there’s really no margin for error.

Would you say that Camfil and yourself, in particular, have you done a lot of work in these containment areas?

We have. For many years, we have provided containment systems in applications that range from biosafety Level 2 all the way up to Level 4 facilities. For security reasons, we can’t disclose the names and locations of these facilities, but we’ve worked with governments and universities worldwide. 

Would you say that knowledge and know-how that you and the company has developed in these high-level containment areas has carried over to a product like the CC500?

Yes, I’d say that’s certainly true, but I’d also say it’s not just technical know-how. It’s important, don’t get me wrong, when it comes to designing quality products but we also carry over the basic philosophy of product quality when it comes to all segments. But like I said before there’s no room for error when it comes to containment. That means that system absolutely has to perform to its designed function regardless of what product segment it’s in. 

Can you give us a summary of what this device is? 

The product is a CamCleaner Product. It can deliver 500 CFM of HEPA filtered air, and it can be done in a couple of different configurations. This unit can be rolled into a particular space and used as an in-room air purifier for in-room air circulation only. It can also be rolled into a room and have a duct collar attached to the exhaust side of the system. That duct can be routed to the outdoor environment to create a negative pressure isolation room. It can also be configured horizontally with duct collars and both ends and mounted in the mechanical space above the ceiling for a concealed air purifier and negative isolation unit. 

I hear the term “true HEPA” mentioned frequently. From a technical point of view, what is a HEPA filter?

A HEPA filter is defined as a high efficiency particulate air filter. That term “true HEPA” has evolved because we’ve seen misuse of the term HEPA when it cames to products like vacuum cleaners or other air purifiers, where they state a HEPA filter but it’s not necessarily a true HEPA filter. When we say “true HEPA filter,” that filter has been tested against a nationally recognized. It means that the filter is at minimum 99.97% efficiency on the 0.3 micron particulate size. At Camfil, all of our HEPA filters are labelled with the tested efficiency and pressure drop performance data. Be aware of anyone using the term HEPA who can’t supply those test results. 

Let’s take a look at the machine. Tell us what you put together here.

The CC500 has a vertical orientation, with air coming in from the bottom and being exhausted out through the top through a MERV-9A prefilter and a HEPA filter. It’s mounted on four quiet-roll, lockable swivel casters so it can be easily transported and locked into place as an in room air purifier. On the back side, you’ll see the power inlet and fuse supply with an on-off switch and a variable speed dial, which controls the fan speed down to about 10% of the rated flow of the system (50CFM), and allows it to max out at the 500CMF rating. The power supply goes through a hospital grade cord.

And that connects to a standard power supply?

A: That’s correct. It connects to a standard 110 volt power supply. The draw is just over 2 amps and the startup amperage is just about 3.5 amps. In terms of energy costs, it’s about equivalent to operating a ceiling fan. 

Can we take a look at the filters? 

As we take the front panel off, you’ll notice that it’s fully gasketed, so it seals all of the surfaces. We’re pulling the air through the filter and prefilter using a very compact but high performance backward-curved pillar fan to deliver a large CFM in a small footprint.  If we look inside the piece of equipment, you’re gonna see a prefilter. We utilize our Dual 9 MERV 9A prefilter, which is going to protect and prolong the life of the HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is different from what you would see in typical air purifiers. This is a HEPA filter used primarily in our biocontainment industry applications, a SCAN-tested 99.99% HEPA filter. The HEPA filter has a releasable locking mechanism attached to it. This allows for easy removal and replacement, but it also creates a seal around filter surfaces. It’s very important because we don’t want any air bypassing the filter and degrading its efficiency. 

What industries can benefit from using the CC500?

Besides the healthcare industry, there’s many applications for the CC500. Any place that needs negative isolation. Food and beverage facilities, retail spaces, offices, gyms. Any sort of facility that needs enhanced clean air inside their facility. 
For more information about the Cam Cleaner CC500 and other high efficiency air filtration systems to protect your indoor air from pathogens and harmful pollutants, work with a Camfil representative today.

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