Daigo Genji Plans to Open A Regional Office in Singapore to Serve its Southeast Asian Customers

The new office will strengthen the firm’s position in the Southeast Asia region

Daigo Genji, an independent multi asset advisory firm that offers state of the art trading technology coupled with 24-hour execution and clearing on major commodities exchanges, has announced its intention to invest in and build its regional hub in Singapore.

The new office will bring Daigo Genji closer to its regional customers and will strengthen its position in the Southeast Asia region. Funds will be allocated to prepare the new office, with work due to start next summer. It is expected that nearly 60 employees will be based in the office by the end of 2022.

Daigo Genji has a multi-year presence in the Southeast Asia region through its activity related to the commodity trading and through the collaboration with its affiliated partners. In the near future, heads of the trading desks for the region and their teams will operate from Singapore as part of the company's plans to grow trading volumes across the region.

The new office in Singapore is also part of Daigo Genji's plans to invest in infrastructure assets in the region that supports trading flows, and it will significantly assist our operators that provide port, warehousing and multi-modal logistics services for the movement and delivery of essential commodities to our customers.

"We're developing our business in a way that will enable us to offer the most competitive services to our customers at a time when intra-regional connections are becoming more important," said Izumi M. Kunie, CEO of Daigo Genji.

"We have decided to build the new office building in Singapore in particular because of the depth of the local talent, the mature legal framework, and the stable and secure environment for international businesses”, added Mr. Kunie.

About Daigo Genji

Daigo Genji is an independent multi asset advisory firm that offers state of the art trading technology coupled with 24-hour execution and clearing on major commodities and multi asset exchanges throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Daigo Genji is providing a full range of trading services to commercial, institutional and individual customers. Daigo Genji is a privately held company with directors that forged their expertise in the commodity markets in the last 30 years and that remain committed to the continued growth of the company and the leadership within the industry.


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