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Are you a writer? If you could make money for a story you have written, would you move beyond the thought of writing? There’s money in writing, so get started.

Writing is not difficult to start; it’s a matter of drafting a list of topics you want to cover and getting your free-flowing thoughts out onto paper. You can do this on your phone, in a journal, notepad or word processor on your computer, through doodles… and by the end of a day, you might have an entire outline for your book, or something that resembles it. But how does one ‘get into the zone’, and make something successful out of it?

According to statistics, “In 2019, there were over 45.8 thousand writers and authors working in the United States...” and “self-published authors saw an impressive increase in their royalty income, along with romance/romantic suspense authors who were the only ones to see a positive change in this regard. On the other side of the spectrum are the few globally renowned authors who got their big break, and who make millions of dollars per year.”

But how does one get started? To help with the writing, publishing and sells process, Vikki Jones, CEO of VMH Publishing, published a writing and book publishing guide that actually helps authors sell through mainstream mediums with mainstream appeal, just like with the New York Times Best Sellers. Her book, entitled Words Unleashedguides writers from start to finish. The book provides easy-to-use tools for writing, publishing and selling books and shares insightful, innovative marketing tips that have proved to work for a number of authors.

“Don’t overthink the process of writing. There’s no right or wrong way to write. All that matters is your voice—your thoughts, how you feel, and what you want the world to know. It’s as natural as talking, so open your mouth and speak to your audience,” shares Jones. Books remain an important part of our lives, reading being the favorite leisure activity for many individuals.

“VMH Publishing was founded upon opportunity. After finding myself unable to publish my manuscript with mainstream publishers, I felt writing and helping others through books was important enough for me to learn the book publishing industry and create my own avenue. Not everyone with the dream to write a book or share their story has a celebrity-like following, nor the funding to self-publish professionally. Because of this I decided to provide an affordable tool - Words Unleashed -  to help make the idea of authorship a reality. It’s important for people to ‘create narratives’ and be able to share their stories with others, especially now more than ever at this critical time in American history.”

Writing is one of the most effective ways to express how you feel, address traumatic events, discover hidden talent, or just simply play around and get out all that creative juju. It has also been proven to be quite therapeutic and lucrative. Why not give it a try? You never know what might come of it.

About Words Unleashed:

Words Unleashed is available at VMHBooks.com and VMH Publishing

You can sell your books using mainstream marketing tools through the same methodology as New York Times Best Sellers, creating a polished, finished product. Words Unleashed takes you ‘to the point’ of book publishing, with the bonus of ‘how to write’.  This book shares insight on key areas of the book publishing world that you need to know, and can help you elevate your skills and hone in on your craft. Here is just a taste of some of the topics that are covered: 

1. Manuscript Preparation & Submission 

2. Selling More Copies 

3. Literary Agents 

4. Learn to Write Your Voice 

5. Bestseller Lists Overview 

6. Distribution 6. Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Walmart and 

7. Enjoying the victories! Available at VMHbooks.com

About Vikki Jones:

Vikki Jones is a four-time award-winning book publisher with works in the Business Hall of Fame. With over a decade of experience in media and publishing Vikki Jones has assisted authors with writing, publishing, and selling books. She is responsible for successfully incorporating video, print, internet, distribution, and multimedia technology to increase sales. Her work includes some of the most powerful influencers in the world. Learn more at: vikkimjones.com

About VMH Publishing:

VMH Publishing is an independent American publishing house that specializes in print, distribution, and literary representation. Using a professional team of editors, graphic artists, marketers, creative thinkers, illustrators, and global access, VMH publishes and prints quality books for the sole purpose of relaying people’s stories and experiences to a worldwide audience. Learn more at vmhpublishing.com

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