Experience the Comprehensive Taiwan Healthcare Industry at the Medical Taiwan Expo 2020 Pavilion

Experience the Comprehensive Taiwan Healthcare Industry at the Medical Taiwan Expo 2020 Pavilion

Taiwan has caught the world's attention as one of the few successful countries to contain and control the spread of COVID-19 with the combined effort of government leadership

While the world is engulfed by the coronavirus pandemic, Taiwan has caught the world's attention as one of the few successful countries to contain and control the spread of COVID-19 with the combined effort of government leadership, private corporations, and the general public. It's the best time to highlight some of Taiwan's best medical healthcare services, smart health solutions, and preventive care. Sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, "The Taiwan Healthcare Pavilion" in the Medical Taiwan Expo 2020 features nine companies from across the spectrum of the healthcare industry. From healthy drinks to cosmeceutical products, from AI Imaging Analysis System to Cancer Therapy, these companies highlight the comprehensiveness of Taiwan's healthcare industry and its potential.

Comprehensive Care in the Medical Service

Taiwan Adventist Hospital is promoting its multi-disciplinary NEWSTART program, which encompasses 8 principles of life, including Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust. The goal is to improve the deteriorating health conditions by providing education to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce the medical resource wasted. They wish to switch the focus from treating illness to preventing them before it happens.

Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital

Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital (TBHMH) is unique in Taiwan for encompassing health management as its main service. The hospital is located in a beautiful natural environment with a rich local culture in the suburban Taipei city. Working with Hotel Royal Beitou, TBHMH offers pleasant and comfortable health checkups and aesthetic medicine integrated with hotel service and local tours to take care of patient's every need.

Greatfirst International Medical Technology has specialized cancer recurrence and metastasis prevention treatment called “Two - Wing Combination Therapy.” They have a working relationship with many local hospitals physician and is looking to expand to the Southeast Asia market.

IEI Integration Corp, a long contributor to developing AI smart healthcare, has brought along medical imaging with artificial intelligence "all in one" box, the HTB-200, for connecting with hospitals’ imaging data servers seamlessly. The medical image can be analyzed by artificial intelligence and transmitted back to the system in DICOM format to help physicians with intelligent diagnosis. The HTB-200 is built-in with NVIDIA Tesla P4/T4 GPU and Intel Xeon CPU, greatly reducing development costs and increasing system performance.

From Treatment to Early Detection

Singular Wings aims to help caregivers with a wearable personal tracking system that provides a medical grade digital version of the personal health record. Through the phone app BeatInfo, which collects critical vital signs simultaneously such as EKG, respiration, skin temperature, postures, etc. These data will be upload to the cloud and instantly analyzed by AI and feedback in case of emergency. The health care organization can also manage their users through a web-based dashboard.

Taiwan RedEye Biomedical Inc. is a start-up company from Hsinchu, Taiwan. RedEye's latest product can detect if there is any trace of blood hidden in people's excrement. Their goal is to help people find the initial symptoms of colorectal cancer, kidney disease, and bladder cancer and to be aware of the situation of inflammation throughout the body to realize home health monitoring.

The "Pulse Healthcare System" physiological signal detection equipment by Sane Health Enterprise Co. is developed and manufactured in Taiwan, using the world's leading bio-electromagnetic wave induction key patent technology, It can sense the strength of electromagnetic signals from various parts outside the body to determine whether the circulation is smooth, and the detection process will not interfere with the original physiological condition of the human body. It is suitable for a wide range of preventive medicine, health care, and other purposes such as academic research, product sales, home health care, etc., and is the best scientific identification equipment for Chinese medicine.

A Healthier Life, a Healthier Choice

On the front of healthy lifestyle products, Net Carbohydrate Tea by Moreinh Co., Ltd. uses local Gynura Nepalensis extracts and black tea produce the healthy drink. It claims to have the effect of resisting starch absorption, improving blood pressure level, cholesterol, and blood sugar level.

Hoyalife features cosmeceutical products that incorporate natural ingredients and organic production process. They feature skincare products with health and wellness in mind.

Choose Taiwan for Your Healthcare Needs

Taiwan’s healthcare industry is known for its high quality, advanced technology, professionalism, and affordable price. Many people from Asia, the Middle East, and North America choose to travel to Taiwan for the premium medical attention at a fraction of the price. The average cost of medical treatment in Taiwan is typically one-fifth of comparable services in Europe and the US. A study has shown that close to 380 thousand overseas patients came to Taiwan for medical service in 2019.

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