Facebook Marketing Experts Explain Facebook Leads Ads – How to Acquire Perfect Facebook Leads

Facebook Leads Ads – How to Acquire Perfect Facebook Leads

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Dallas, TX - With 2.3 billion users as of 2019 and the increasing variety of tools being made available, Facebook ad campaigns are a marketing opportunity that you shouldn’t neglect. Social media platforms like Facebook can increase brand awareness, help you learn about your customers, allow your brand an easy public relations strategy, and increase website traffic and conversions, among other factors.

Over seven million brands actively use Facebook as an advertising platform, so how can you be sure that your ads are performing how you want? Nationally recognized digital growth expert Qamar Zaman, who has been cited by publications including Forbes and Huffington Post, has provided a troubleshooting guide to increasing the effectiveness of Facebook advertising.  As per Solomon Thimothy a Facebook Growth Strategist at OneIMS, he writes in his blog

“Nissan South Africa increased leads by 27X and generated car sales through Facebook Lead Ads.”

“Real Madrid, the legendary Spanish Football team generated 2.4 million leads and decreased cost per lead by 70% with Facebook Lead Ads.”

“All in all, you can acquire qualified leads using Facebook Lead Ads. Whether you’re a startup, a small business, or an established B2B brand, Facebook Lead Ads could be the right fit for you.” Solomon Thimothy

Source: https://www.oneims.com/facebook-leads-ads “Running a successful Facebook ad campaign requires an understanding of the FB platform and how to connect with the target audience. If you post in the Facebook newsfeed smells like an ad it will not result in ideal results,” says Zaman, who has built his FB ad agency after various trials and errors till he found what converted and resulted in conversion. “You need to monitor your ads as a stockbroker does to ensure your client’s money is not wasted.” Assuming that you’ve already set up your campaign and are looking to finetune it for better results, here are some of the factors Zaman advises that you monitor.

1. Select the Right Goals. 
Facebook has three objective categories for ads, each one executed to fulfill its specific purpose. Brand awareness ads spread the word about your brand. Consideration ads generate traffic, engagement, app installs, views, and messages. Conversion ads create conversions, sales, and visits.

2. Make Sure You Aren’t Overlapping Audiences.
“Facebook favors digital marketers by considering your ad history, target audience, and content just as much, if not more than your budget.” To optimize this, use Facebook’s Audience Overlap Tool to find any overlaps and rectify them quickly.

3. Check the Size of Your Audience on Facebook 
According to Daniel Berlyne’s Two Factor theory of marketing, repetitive ads can increase the likelihood of conversion, but only up to a point, after which it becomes irritating. According to Zaman, you should “maintain different objectves when targeting.”

4. Implement A/B testing in Your Facebook AD Sets 

In simple terms, you should test the waters. For each campaign, Facebook allows up to 50 ads. “Use this to your advantage,” Zaman advises. What appeals to some customers may not appeal to others, so creating a single unique ad doesn’t guarantee success. “Make sure you create content, upload different pictures, and tweak the settings between each ad.”

5. Use digital sales funnel. 
The fundamentals of the sales funnel, which are all critical in a successful campaign, in Zaman’s words, are to “attract, engage, convert, sell, and connect.” Be sure that you aren’t just running ads, but telling a story that connects with your audience and converts.  Take a look at an article on how to incorporate the customer journey when thinking of running ads.  Ultimately, successful Facebook marketing is an ongoing process that requires constant attention and maintenance. “You learn something new from each campaign, implement it in your next one, learn more from that, and enhance your next campaign. The process goes on, requiring you to make adjustments over time,” says Zaman,  “Don’t get disheartened if your first campaign isn’t as successful.”

Read this article in detail if your Facebook ads aren’t performing. Then, book a free session with Qamar Zaman a Dallas based Facebook advertising expert who can help you audit your Facebook marketing strategy and help you get qualified leads and conversions.  

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