NearHero Deals allows users to promote their services.

NearHero is the first and only Gig Economy application to allow its service providers to promote their services, and chat with leads absolutely free.

Miami, FL. October 30. NearHero LLC has successfully launched their long awaited and highly requested DEALS feature on iOS and Android applications. NearHero announced Gigs in late 2019 and the launch was met with rave reviews from both customers and Heroes (the service providers). Shortly after the requests for Hero generated deals came in. 

The Deals feature launched in September 2020, just around the time COVID-19 restrictions began to ease up in Florida. Thousands of Floridians have been unemployed since March, and many have turned to NearHero to generate extra income. 

NearHero’s new Deals feature allows Heroes to post a deal which will be shared to anyone within a 10 mile radius, absolutely free. Customers receive push notifications letting them know a new Deal is available nearby. These Deals are available for 24 hours. Photographers, movers, and handymen have taken advantage of this new feature to secure dozens of Deal generated Gigs per week. NearHero customers are grabbing Deals and saving on tasks they have been putting off for the last few months. NearHero has seen an increase in home decluttering and TV mounting Deals. 

At a time when the community is in most need, NearHero has remained true to its original mission; give users an accessible resource to find extra work. The founders of NearHero have been adamant about keeping NearHero accessible. When asked why they keep interactions free, the response was “I think it’s crazy to ask people to pay fees or buy credits just so they can talk to leads. Taking advantage of people in need is not what we’re here to do. We don’t make a penny until our Heroes get paid first”. The Miami natives have made it their mission to help their community thrive and integrate into the gig market. NearHero is the first truly accessible platform of its kind. 

NearHero currently has plans to expand nationwide once COVID-19 restrictions allow. 

NearHero is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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