Director James Lay Beats Michael Jackson Producer, New Sci Fi Film "The Other Side of Infinity" 2021

Writer Director James Lay

Writer Director Musician James Lay who Beat Michael Jackson and Led Zeppelin's Producers has "The Other Side of Infinity '' a surreal supernatural sci fi film coming out 2021.

Writer, Director, Musician and Professor James Lay has a Super Natural Science Fiction Film called "The Other Side of Infinity" coming out 2021. James Lay, a multi-instrumentalist, Engineer and Producer beat Michael Jackson's Producer Rodney Jerkins as well as Led Zeppelin's Producer Andy John's at the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2003 with his work with Beatles/Beach Boys Producer Phil Spector's ex wife Rachelle Spector. James, previously a Sound Designer, has over 50 feature film credits working on films featuring Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Smith as well as having #1 films with Producer Francis Ford Coppola for "Jeepers Creepers" and "ALI" with Director Michael Mann. In recent years James has been a Professor for the largest private art and design University in the Country.

"The Other Side of Infinity" produced by Hollywood Access's Dr. Sabra Smith and Dr. Gem Wiltshire in association with Blue Voodoo Productions is a supernatural science fiction film about the last day of the sun. It follows four storylines moving non linear in time, three time periods; present day, 1960's and 1700's. A powerfully reflective commentary on today's troubled world delivered in a book ended interwoven narrative, this stylized film introduces powerful emotional performances from newcomers Katrina Schmidt, Bobby Lang, Belle Lundon and Michael Solomon among others. 

Please find the first official Trailer here:

Currently the film is in post production and James is working on the soundtrack album with his band Pleasure Planet. The film is slated for summer 2021 release.

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