Takekai International Announces Partnership Agreement with Top Hedge Fund

The firm will launch a series of products that will track a range of investable hedge fund indexes

Takekai International, a professional asset management firm that offers comprehensive investment management capabilities that span across all main segments of the global capital markets, continually enhancing its existing platforms and value-creation expertise through innovation and refinement of technologies, today announced that the firm has signed a representation and collaboration agreement with one of the biggest hedge fund managers in Asia. The contract signing establishes the implementation of several index tracking tools in a new and innovative manner.

Takekai International, an established leader in the Asia asset management community, is constantly focused on business expansion and diversification in order to respond with the best investment services and products to increasing client demand. The latest developments have broadened the firm’s spectrum of investment tools as it plans to allocate a continuous flow of capital in the Top Hedge Fund’s ETFs.

Mr. Yahiro Katsumi, Global Chief Investment Strategist with the Takekai International Investment Council, declared:” Out of their Index 400, comprised of 400 hedge funds across a wide range of strategies, we are interested in tracking and investing in 30 of the Top Hedge Fund’s products. Therefore, as the minimum investment amount is $4.3 million in order to access the platform and we have a considerably higher commitment in mind in terms of capital, we have decided to sign a partnership agreement so we can have access directly to these products and an elevated level of control over our client’s investments.”

Takekai International, according to the new agreement, will provide its worldwide family of clients with access to the Top Hedge Fund’s investable index family, more exactly to 30 underlying investable mutual fund strategies and sub-strategies. Part of the long-term provisions in the newly signed partnership contract is the possibility of further collaboration expansion between the two financial entities that will allow Takekai International to offer tracking funds for thematic indexes.

The partnership is currently dependent on existing technological infrastructure that will be adjusted to incorporate new tools of tracking and trading for the firm’s expert traders, however, once the 3-year return goal is met, the two new partners will join forces to create a new mutual trading platform designed to host ETFs developed by both entities.

About Takekai International

Takekai International offers comprehensive investment management capabilities that span all segments of the global capital markets. The firm’s investment solutions, tailored to the unique return and risk objectives of institutional clients in more than 40 countries, draw on a robust body of proprietary research and a collaborative culture that encourages independent thought and healthy debate. Customers are the reason the firm exists and are at the heart of everything Takekai International does. That is why we seek to provide superior investment results, exceptional service, and multiple layers of risk management.

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