Latte Cup-Sized Air Purifier Protects Office Workers from Germs and Viruses

Airific the compact desktop HEPA air purifier.

Airific is a latte sized hospital grade air-purifier. Filtering 30X the air an adult needs to breathe every minute removing germs and viruses. So small it sits unnoticed beside your laptop.

An innovative portable desktop air purifier helps office workers eliminate germs and viruses while improving indoor air quality in the workplace.

Central, Hong Kong – Airific, a latte cup-sized air purifier equipped with a hospital-grade HEPA filter, promises a practical solution to the growing demand for improved indoor air quality in the workplace.

“Airific uses the same filters that are utilized and relied on in hospitals capable of capturing germs, viruses, toxins 0.3 microns small,” Ali Grayeli, CEO, explained., the health and wellness startup company behind Airific, has specially designed it as a compact-sized air purifier so that professionals can easily use it at work next to their laptops.

According to Grayeli, Airific can filter 15 cubic feet of air per minute. And since an average adult only breathes 0.5 cubic feet per minute, it is an efficient and practical air purifier option that provides 30 times more filtered air than an individual needs every minute.

“The Airific creates a buffer of purified air around you while you work. We launch this product to give office workers a practical option to ensure that the air they breathe while working is free from any kinds of pathogens,” Grayeli further explained.

Grayeli said that one of the most challenging workplace problems related to low indoor air quality is the Sick Office (Building) Syndrome. It happens when office workers experience sickness, which appears to be associated with the length of time they spent in a building.

Sick Office Syndrome is the negative result of closed air circulation in offices. The indoor air accumulates hazardous airborne pollutants that later on compromise the health of the office occupants. And this results in making people feel sick while they work.

“With Airific, office workers can have their portable protection against all sorts of airborne pathogens all day long,” claimed Grayeli. “They can use Airific’s HEPA filters for up to 500 hours of maximum efficiency.”

“Airific,” Grayeli added, “is created to provide office workers a sense of control and ability to protect themselves. They should not fear the air they breathe; they should filter it.”

About Airific

Airific is the world’s first desktop medical-grade HEPA air purifier. It primarily removes germs, viruses, and toxins from a user’s immediate area. Users can put it beside their laptops, and it will actively purify the air around them while they work.

About is a startup health and wellness company based in Hongkong. They make things that make things better. They conceive and create brands and products that advance people’s health and wellness. They provide products with the core value and a clear purpose. Products and brands that solve real problems for their audience.

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