Takekai International Announces the Creation of a New Department

The firm develops its multi-asset solution team into a fully-operational Multi-asset Solutions Division

Takekai International, a professional asset management firm that offers comprehensive investment management capabilities that span across all main segments of the global capital markets, continually enhancing its existing platforms and value-creation expertise through innovation and refinement of technologies, is pleased to announce that the multi-asset solutions team that was responsible for enhancing the alternative investment strategies of the firm will be officially elevated to the status of Department. Until recently, the multi-asset solutions team was part of the Global Alternative Solutions Department.

Takekai International has continually pursued to remain ahead of the highly competitive asset management market in Asia, therefore, the firm has decided to act upon the recent positive spike in client demand for alternative investments and multi-asset strategies and solidify the structure of its trading capabilities. Thus, by assigning additional human and technological resources to the multi-asset solution team it has created a fully-blown top-to-bottom investment division.

“Our strategy and approach towards alternative investment vehicles and our increased diversification policy regarding multi-asset solutions has generated a 10 basis points return above industry-average which, subsequently, has driven client demand for these types of financial vehicles up by 25% in the last six quarters. On top of this fantastic development, we have experienced an increase of 15% in our database of clients strictly based on referrals from our satisfied investors”, said Mr. Thomas Christen-Koch, Chief Executive Officer of Takekai International.

He continues:” This good news represents a bigger responsibility for us as an organization and the newly created Multi-asset Solutions Division is our commitment to our new and existing clients for continued market performance.”

Takekai International’s Multi-asset Solutions Division is currently comprised of a team of 14 members, with five traders and four researchers looking for the best profit-taking solutions within the multi-asset investment environment. The strategies include a combination of different asset classes such as cash, equity or bonds, among others.

The Board of Executives is currently reviewing the profiles of two potential candidates and is very close in appointing a Managing Director for the newly created Division.

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About Takekai International

Takekai International offers comprehensive investment management capabilities that span all segments of the global capital markets. The firm’s investment solutions, tailored to the unique return and risk objectives of institutional clients in more than 40 countries, draw on a robust body of proprietary research and a collaborative culture that encourages independent thought and healthy debate. Customers are the reason the firm exists and are at the heart of everything Takekai International does. That is why we seek to provide superior investment results, exceptional service, and multiple layers of risk management.

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