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As employment opportunities seem to shrink, job seekers flood job boards with ever more applications. The pandemic has further made a demonstrable impact on hiring processes while accelerating the competition in an already tight job market. Amidst the struggle of mismatch between job openings and job seekers, Lensa has been significantly enhancing job seeker resilience during the recession by using result-driven technology to match job seekers and professionals with job opportunities. Keenly aware of the struggles that professionals face, Lensa focuses on enabling job seekers to harmonize their job search tactics, career choices, and job preferences with their working style by leveraging advanced AI-based systems.

While some platforms are focused solely on one aspect of job seekers' goals, Lensa strives to holistically meet the needs of all job seeker. It is a relevant platform that instantly connects professionals to various job openings by eliminating the hassle of conventional job processes that involve uncertainties and lack of satisfactory responses from the recruiter considering the mismatch of one's profile.

Lensa's unique approach is to equip job seekers with technological tools to improve the quality of the job opportunities they are offered. Lensa's AI also includes behavioral data that candidates provide through playing Lensa's Workstyle Game, which enables job matching by personality style and cultural fit. The platform's best-in-class technology, services, and robust matching techniques ensure transparency and a job-seeker-centric experience.

As a process of machine learning and anchoring candidates towards their dream job even amid the highly competitive market, the platform evaluates the strengths, resumes, skill sets, and career preferences of the individual before matching them to career opportunities. With the adoption of powerful AI innovations to pre-assess profiles, the exciting developments unlock fair and ideal opportunities for each candidate by eliminating any unconscious biases by employers or hiring managers. The prominent usage of AI-based games also helps to assess applicants’ problem-solving abilities, professional strengths, and working styles to successfully enhance their chances of matching the profiles with the prospective employers.

Lensa's technology has proved to be a competitive advantage, but at the same time, company is driven by very human values. Founder and CEO Gergo Vari explained, "We all know what it’s like to be hunting for a job. Often we feel lost, confused, frustrated, and annoyed. This is why we created Lensa. We want to give you a helping hand in finding your way out of a seemingly endless search and lead you to a successful career."

Lensa's surpassing of 10 million members in 2019 has solidified its position as a premier career platform. With an exemplary team of a 60-strong team of developers and data scientists operating its research and development headquarters in Europe, the platform is ceaselessly building unique services and technology to enhance the experiences for job seekers across the U.S.

Another way the platform assists job seekers is by providing video content addressing common career issues and offering solutions to typical employee struggles. Lensa also invests heavily in creating unique content for its blog and social media channels that focuses on helping individuals navigate every stage of their careers.

While constantly achieving excellent numbers of satisfied job seekers, Lensa has become a fast-growing platform for driving candidates to their desirable professional careers and realize their full professional potential.

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