Chase Rogers, Real Estate Mogul Shares How You Should Approach Selling Your Home in 2021

Chase Rogers, also known as @chasingthedeal on Instagram shares Industry insight how you should approach on selling a home in 2021.

Chase Rogers, Real Estate Mogul

Typically speaking, the process of selling a home or any form of real estate is an arduous one that for many is rife with intricacies that the average isn’t prepared for. Because of this, listing with an agent can be well worth the three percent commission, as it requires much less responsibility from the seller, a quicker turnaround time, and oftentimes a higher offer at selling time.

According to Michigan real estate mogul Chase Rogers, even homeowners who elect to sell their homes without an agent generally end up listing with one eventually.“A lot of people will try to sell their homes by themselves over Zillow and then quickly after that decide to enlist with an agent,” Rogers said. “The marketing is a key aspect of this, with video tours and engagement, in addition to the algorithms that we have that source where buyers are most likely to come from. Agents also have a ton of connections and know people who are likely to bring a buyer to the house as well. It also means that the seller won’t have to spend a lot of their free time outside of work or deciding where to move on doing all the things that are necessary to sell the house, which can be a huge relief as well.”

A huge part of selling a house is knowing how to correctly negotiate with buyers, which is where having an agent can come in handy. “Whenever there is an offer on a house, it can elicit a lot of emotions, which is why having a third-party to negotiate can be helpful,” Rogers said. “Usually what I’ll do, typically when an offer is made under asking price, is respond open-endedly with the offer that was made. This usually means that the person on the other end will fill in the gaps so to speak and that can lead to them making an elevated offer.” Rogers added that having an agent who is transparent about some of the costs that go into selling the house is important as well.

“Sellers will end up having to pay the commission as well as some of the transfer fees, which should be clear from the get go,” Rogers said. The biggest thing however, is just having someone on your behalf to ensure that you get the best deal possible.“Having someone who really knows the surrounding area and what your house should be going for is a huge help, as if you are not pricing your house right either way, it can be costly” Rogers said. “Also, having someone who knows how to stage a home so that people coming to visit can really envision themselves living there is a must as well.”

Lastly, Rogers acknowledged some of the difficulties as a result of the covid-19 pandemic on the process of selling a house.“We’ve had to switch to doing more virtual tours and starting off things were quite slow,” Rogers said. “However, now that the house has become a much bigger fixture of our everyday life, the single family homes are selling much better.”

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