Addison Coworking Expert Explains Smart Cities

Addison TX Coworking Expert Explains - What Will Smart Cities Do to Solve Poverty?

Smart cities may be the cure to crippling poverty among the masses says Addison Coworking expert.

Health is defined by the WHO as not just the absence of disease or infirmity. It’s also a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. The definition can certainly help us understand how planning and a vision for smart cities can actually benefit the disaffected. 

Why Does Poverty Exist? 

Poverty is a symptom of wild inequitable distribution of resources and unequal opportunity. Public works and programs play a huge role in the eradication of poverty. Hence, a smart city is a perfect solution when it comes to ending poverty. With so much data to play with and insights to extract, poverty can be alleviated. It can even be eradicated 

In Smart Cities Poverty Can be Eradicated 

In Smart Cities Poverty Can be Eradicated

While it won’t happen with the blink of an eye, but smart cities will be able to eradicate poverty. The idea is that smart cities will be planned for an equitable distribution of resources and energy to be possible. If that happens, cities can actually manage their systems to have a surplus for those that can’t afford to pay for it. Hence, poverty won’t have to exist since those that can’t afford services will be given their fair share.

Also, the compilation of data in smart cities will allow for political capital to actually be spent on the poor. Smart cities will allow for data to be gathered and for specific zones to be singled out for sustainable projects. This will also allow for poor people, the unemployed, and the differently abled to be offered jobs. "Better data will actually help those that don’t have a voice become extremely visible."  Nadim Ahmed Addison Tx Coworking Expert. 

How Can We Start?

Starting will be inefficient, painfully tedious, and even futile at times. However, that’s the only start that we have right now. It can be very simple like calling your local official to fix broken curbs or raising issues at the town hall. 

You can also email your local representatives consistently to get updates on certain repairs or new projects. Basically, it comes down to raising your voice. Check with a local library to see what services they offer. Find out if you can volunteer to improve social services. Find out if you can help out people by raising awareness about job training programs, etc. 

If the disease is poverty smart cities will most definitely be the cure.

"Dallas defines a Smart City as one that focuses on improving the quality of life of all citizens by adopting new forms of governance, public participation, process improvements, technology adoption, data-driven decision making and provides sustainable services."

If you live in Dallas this is a great resource. 

"The effort to make Dallas into a smarter city is pushing ahead – and early experiments are showing results. 

"The Dallas Innovation Alliance, a public-private partnership supporting a forward‐thinking, "smart" global city, unveiled a study Thursday that showed the push to modernize helps economic growth, technology and energy efficiency."

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