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Rocket City Records Jay Money Making Waves in the Music Industry

Rocket City Records Jay Money Making Waves in the Music Industry

Rocket city records and it's CEO Jay money are making waves with some of the best artists and music in the United States

Rocket City Records is a Huntsville, Alabama-based hip-hop record label specializing in artist management development, marketing, and distribution founded in 2013, by American recording artist and producer Jay money It currently operates as an independent record label. 

The label is home to artists such as Jai problem, CloudNiNe9, and Gbandz, Sherm Smith,  the latter of whom also serves as the label's vice president. The label also houses a roster of producers, and DJs (on a non-exclusive basis), they are definitely setting up for a new wave of great music to roll out of the south. But the great thing is Jay doesn't limit his company to just the south. He looks for artists in every city that can be trend-setting. As of now, the roster has artists from New York, Pennsylvania, DMV, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Georgia. 

So I would definitely expect greatness to be on the way. And with Jay running the show with his entrepreneur skills and investor mindset. The growth should be exponential over the years to come so check out Aj Sanderson AKA jai problem. Help Is On The Way EP, jay. Rocket City World Rumble mixtape, CloudNiNe9. Now or Never, Gbandz. Bigger Picture mixtape. Everywhere you stream.

About Rocket City Records

Rocket city records is all about the sounds of true hip hop and R&B. True to their down south roots and coming up in the 90s and early 2000s with some of the best music from artists like T.i, young Jeezy, outcast, and smooth R&B. It definitely left its mark on Jay Money and the sound that he is looking for when it comes to music that he chooses to listen to and make.

About Jay Money

Jay Money (Jay Logan) got an early start with music. Like most in the south, he had dreams of being a major figure in music. He chooses to go after sounds that no label can come with at this moment with artists that redefine work ethic and raise the standards and that's why they are trendsetters.

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