A JACK OF ALL TRADES: How Dr. Jerry Chidester is becoming social media’s favorite surgeon

Dr. Jerry Chidester, or “Dr. Chiddy,” is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who also specializes in hand surgery

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Draper, UT , Dec.04,2020: Dr. Jerry Chidester knew his team must be doing something right in his newly opened solo plastic surgery practice, when they looked at his surgical calendar and realized that he’s fully booked until Summer of 2021 — during a global pandemic — and attributes much of that success to his paralleled rapid growth on social media. 

Dr. Jerry Chidester, better known on social media as "Dr. Chiddy," is a highly-skilled, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Draper, Utah who specializes in face, breast, body, and hand procedures. He performs complex hand and upper extremity surgery, as well as breast cancer reconstruction. He also prides himself on being able to provide a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community and performs gender reaffirmation surgeries.

Over the years, while continuing to perfect his craft as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Chiddy has also been utilizing social media to connect with his patients (current and prospective) on a more personal level. That experience has led him to become known as a “social media influencer” and guru of sorts to both the public and medical community.

With patient’s informed consent, he posts daily surgery videos to help educate his followers and dispel many of the myths and fears surrounding elective plastic surgery. He holds weekly Instagram LIVE question and answer sessions for his subscribers, and is constantly sharing content to keep the public informed on plastic surgery news and the latest available techniques.

When he’s not in the operating room performing life-changing surgeries or spending time with his wife Mindee and their three children, Dr. Chiddy is busy creating content on various social media platforms (specifically Instagram, TikTok and Facebook) that inspires and informs people, makes them laugh, and gives them an inside look into his day-to-day life as a surgeon, husband, and father. 

"Social media allows physicians to bridge the gap between patient and provider," said Kevin Pho, founder and editor of KevinMD.com, at the 2013 Medical Director's Summit in Las Vegas. "Tools—like blogs, Facebook and Twitter—give doctors and patients the opportunity to directly connect with one another, share information, and see the healthcare system from each others' perspective."

While most doctors and surgeons use their platforms to simply show off their work and client testimonials, Dr. Chiddy provides a healthy balance of everything you would expect to find on anyone’s social media page. Among posts displaying the results of the various surgeries he performs—tummy tucks, his trademarked SoMe breast augmentations ™️, Brazilian butt lifts, high-definition liposuction, fat transfers and more—he regularly posts videos of himself dancing to popular songs with his kids, office staff and even patients. He shares funny and engaging memes, raises awareness about various issues and causes, and much more.

Dr. Chiddy has come a long way. He recalls posting his first Instagram Story: “I asked my wife Mindee to help me post [it] because I had no idea how to do it! I remember feeling so awkward and re-recorded it seven or eight times before I felt it was decent enough to share with others.” 

When Dr. Chiddy first started his social media channels years ago, he made it a point to post compelling and engaging content that also showed off his unique personality. He knew being himself would separate him from traditional doctors who post mostly about their work. Now, with over a collective 20 million views and counting on content that has gone viral across various social media platforms, he is seen as a respectable and trustworthy social media influencer.

With all of that experience under his belt, these days Dr. Chiddy has been invited to travel all over the country by International businesses, telling his story and speaking to audiences about how to successfully develop a social media presence as a physician. He’s also been invited on multiple occasions to speak on a number of podcasts about plastic surgery and social media, and he even runs his own called “Chit Chat with Chiddy, MD” on iTunes and Spotify. And, perhaps even more impressively, he recently co-authored a chapter about plastic surgery and social media in Scott Spear and Alan Gabriel’s 4th edition of “Surgery of the Breast,” aka “The Breast Bible,” which is now in print as of October 2020.

And now that Dr. Chiddy has mastered the art of running several social media profiles as a medical professional, he’s spreading the knowledge he’s gained with his new company Sherpa MD, aimed at helping new doctors and professionals set up their practices, and advises them on how to navigate all aspects of the profession, including setting up and maintaining their social media presence.

Dr. Chiddy is proof that using social media as a doctor is a great way to connect with not just your own patients, but the whole world. By giving folks an inside look at his practice, Dr. Chiddy is not only sharing information but also easing any fears or worries his patients may have before going under the knife.

Be sure to do yourself a favor and follow Dr. Chiddy on all of his social media pages, particularly Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Media contact: Dr.Jerry Chidester (801) 839-5557


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