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Flights are in and out of Tanzania regularly and many of them nearly empty, making the travel experience safe and comfortable. With less crowds, it makes for the ideal conditions to explore Tanzania

TANZANIA, AFRICA – Flights are coming in and out of Tanzania on a regular basis and many of them are nearly empty, making the flight experience safe and more comfortable for travelers. While some tourists are choosing to play it safe and stay home, others are reaping the benefits of smaller crowds and more personalized attention due to lower occupancy. For some, the pull to travel again has them out and about and they are finding COVID-19 operating guidelines in place and enforced for health and safety. Locally, we know both Qatar and KLM are both very safe options for travel.

While information about the cases of COVID in Tanzania has been unclear, what is known is the survival rate remains high. Guests to the area are not required to quarantine on arrival due to our very low rates. However, temperature checks, as well as other health and safety protocols, are being strictly followed allowing us to safely welcome guests to Tanzania and all the beauty it offers.

The wilderness is more inviting than ever, and all of our accommodations have been modified to meet government standards for social distancing, sanitation and cleaning, facial coverings and more. While planes are mostly empty, so too are the plains of the Serengeti, with less crowds than usual. Limited tour sizes are giving travelers a more intimate experience, which makes for ideal conditions for travelers looking to explore Tanzania.

For those willing and able to travel, we invite you to do so and look forward to showing you the hospitality and splendor of Tanzania.


Our full-service East African travel company owns and operates local hotels, lodges, and wild camps to create a truly amazing adventure-of-a-lifetime. Tanzania offers a landscape for every traveler: white beaches on the coast, the Serengeti plains full of wildlife, tropical rain forests full of monkeys and brightly colored birds, and one of the world’s largest mountains, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

With over 30 years of experience, award-winning Zara Tours offer the best in trained climbing guides, accommodations, and safari operators to give a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will want to relive time and again. Find us online at zaratours.com.

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