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Fotis International Law Firm houses a team of well qualified and highly experienced local and international criminal lawyers, who are well-versed with the legal system in the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) encompasses stringent criminal provisions in order to safeguard and protect the nation and its people. UAE has gained reputation all across the globe for its efficiency in maintaining a low crime rate. Criminal lawyers, public prosecutors, police and judges apart from the law-makers, are bestowed with the highest responsibility to enforce the law in a manner upholding the rights of people at all times and safeguarding the security of the nation. Fotis International is a full-fledged law firm, which has been deploying astute sector-specific lawyers and legal consultants for various kinds of legal requirements all across the United Arab Emirates for the past few decades. Fotis International Law Firm is highly sought by international and domestic clients requiring professional legal assistance and bespoke legal advice in criminal matters. Our team of Criminal Lawyers believe the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, a famous American poet, who stated that “the good lawyer is not the man who has an eye to every side and angle of contingency, and qualifies all his qualifications, but who throws himself on your part so heartily, that he can get you out of a scrape.” Fotis International Law Firm houses a team of well qualified and highly experienced local and international criminal lawyers, who are well-versed with the legal system and the laws governing criminal aspects in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Our team of criminal lawyers have represented a wide range of clients in various intricate criminal matters such as bounced cheques, medical negligence, drug trafficking, bail application, forgery and fraud, defamation, sexual harassment and rape, cybercrimes, juvenile crimes, theft, travel ban and deportation, infringement of privacy, public office crimes, corporate crimes, among others. Our team of criminal practice is widely recognized all across the UAE for its quick and prompt legal solutions, even for the most complicated criminal matters.

Bounced Cheque is one of the most prevalent criminal issue faced by many people in UAE, as cheques have become one of the most preferred modes of negotiable instruments in UAE for various transactions, beginning from paycheques, rental cheques to major commercial transactions. Article 401 of the Federal Law Number 3 of 1987 on the Penal Code (the Penal Code) stipulates that if any person issued a cheque with insufficient funds shall be liable to be imposed with imprisonment and hefty fines. Our team of criminal practice has mastered the provisions of law governing the bounced cheque which clubbed with their practical knowledge of dealing broad range of clients with the issue of bounced cheque, allows them to formulate quick legal fixes for a person with a bounced cheque or for a person who issued a bounced cheque. Our expert team of criminal lawyers have been able to achieve desirable outcomes for the clients who approached us, with their presence of mind and judicious approaches. Our team of criminal lawyers were able to accommodate clients with different levels of complications and provide them with customized legal advice.

Our team of criminal practice has often been approached by clients with the issue of travel ban and deportation. Travel ban and deportation is imposed as a result of pending criminal charges against a person. Travel ban and deportation laws are enforced by every country for the purpose of protecting the interests of the people and country in matters like public security, unpaid debts, an ongoing criminal investigation, among various other such relevant reasons to enforce the law of the country. Federal Law Number 6 of 1972 on Immigration (the Immigration Law), as amended by the Ministerial Decree Number 83 of 2002, lays down the set of grounds, entailing the circumstances when a person can be restricted from entering or leaving the country. Apart from the Immigration Law, several other federal laws stipulate the circumstances when a travel ban can be imposed on any person. Our team of criminal lawyers have extensively dealt with matters involving the travel ban, which has helped to gain unbeatable experience in coming up with suitable legal approaches to successfully uphold the interests of our clients.

UAE has zero-tolerance when it comes to matters involving narcotic and psychotropic drugs as it strives to maintain the safety and security of the nation and its youngsters by enforcing strict legislation to combat illegal consumption and distribution of drugs. Our team of proficient criminal lawyers have gained immense practical knowledge and vast experience by effectively representing our clients before the UAE courts in drug-related matters. Their in-depth knowledge of the provisions of the law regulating the control of narcotic and psychotropic substances allows them to provide with professional legal help to drug offenders and direct them to the best course of action, whereby, saving them from criminal prosecution as provided by law.

Our team of criminal practice has also dealt with a large number of medical negligence cases. They have been able to successfully pull-out favourable outcomes for our clients even in highly complicates cases of medical negligence. Our team of expert and well-trained criminal lawyers have always turned out to be the best choice because they never fail to leave a room for disappointment, irrespective of the complications present in each case. Our team of local criminal lawyers have been a great asset to our clients on various occasions because of their fluency in the Arabic language and their long-standing acquaintance with the police and public prosecutors and law enforcers. We have efficiently represented our clients in other matters like obtaining bail, forgery and fraud, defamation and achieve best outcomes.

We have a team of best defence lawyers, who have conquered the art of defending clients with delicate and intricate criminal charges against them. Our team of criminal practice provide the clients with a realistic evaluation of their case along with the best course of legal action. They evaluate and assess each case in the light of the facts and evidence presented to them, before coming to hasty conclusions of the case. Their promptness has helped many clients to avoid unnecessary court procedures or delays in achieving desired results. Our team of criminal lawyers are most reliable at all times, as they will walk you through every step of the criminal proceedings until our client has been relieved of such issues with favourable outcomes. You will never feel clueless of your situation as our team of criminal practice will update on the progress of your case time-to-time. We approach each case diligently and process the facts in line with provisions of relevant laws in order to formulate bullet-proof legal actions. One of the reasons, our team never fails to serve flawless legal service is because they are up-to-date with ever-changing legal provisions and being sensitive to time. They never cease to win victories for clients who relied on us. Our criminal services extend to a wide array of criminal matters and we have relentlessly upheld our clients’ interests against all the challenges and odds.

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