NeckRelax Review: Will It Make Your Pain Go Away? By Health Product Review

NeckRelax is a new self-care product on the market.

NeckRelax is a new self-care product on the market. Some will have heard of it and others maybe haven’t yet. Either way, this NeckRelax review will cover all that there is to know about the device, what it does, and if all of that sounds good - where to buy it too.

Almost all people have suffered from a sore stiff neck at some point in their lives. It can be frustrating, painful, and impact on work and family time. For some, this might even be a regular occurrence that they live with.

This could mean that they seek regular appointments with a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or require frequent massage therapy. This can be expensive and time-consuming as well as interrupting the daily schedule always needing to go to appointments to ease the pain.

However, what if there was a home-remedy that could alleviate pain in an easy and comfortable way? Well, that is what the NeckRelax massager claims to do. It is a wearable device that delivers massage and pain relief - from the comfort of home or even while you’re at your office desk.

Below, the product is reviewed and some commonly asked questions are answered.

However, if you don’t have time to read all of the NeckRelax review below, you could skip to the pros and cons list at the end to help you make an informed decision.

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NeckRelax Review: What is NeckRelax?

NeckRelax is a device that you wear around the back of your neck.

It uses Electronic Pulse Massage (EPM) technology and high-frequency vibrations to massage your neck and spots along the back. It also features infrared heat in the collar to increase blood flow and relaxation.

It can relieve pain in as little as ten minutes. It can help with neck and shoulder pain but also comes with electronic frequency pads that can be placed anywhere on the body that needs some attention. The nodes send EPM to the area - which can be done in conjunction with the NeckRelax massager around the neck.

The Neck Relax device can also be useful for stress as well as physical pain and discomfort.

The design is compact and simple to wear. It doesn’t require any assembly and can be used straight from the box. The wearer places it around their neck and the treatment starts.

It is also hands-free meaning that they can keep working if they choose or pick up a book and relax.

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NeckRelax Review: How does NeckRelax work?

NeckRelax uses three different types of treatment in the one massage collar device to relieve tension and pain.

The first action is the delivery of infrared heat. This is from the massage collar that rests in place so the hands are free. The infrared heat penetrates deep into the skin, helping the muscles to relax and improve blood flow.

The second action that the massage collar uses is massaging high-frequency vibration. This option is great for those who want a stimulating neck massage. The intensity can be altered from high to low as well.

There are 6 different massage techniques modes to choose from. These include automatic, acupuncture, soft massage, shiatsu, kneading, and deep massage. So the wearer can decide what technique suits them best, or simply set to automatic.

From there, the intensity of the massage can also be adjusted, featuring 12 different levels.

Finally, every Neck Relax massager comes with two electrode pads that can be placed anywhere on the body - the shoulders are a popular choice. The pads send electronic pulses to the area that relaxes the muscles, reduces tension, and stimulates blood flow.

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NeckRelax Review: Does the NeckRelax really work?

This is one of the crucial questions of this NeckRelax review - does it work? The short answer is yes.

It has already received some 5-star reviews in a fairly short time on the market - this is reassuring.

The NeckRelax massager also has a simple design and can be worn straight from the box. The simplicity means that it is less likely to suffer from complications and it is not bulky or difficult to wear - or store.

The three different actions for pain relief also give the product a greater chance of being helpful for each customer. All bodies are different and the pain from a sore neck and shoulder can also range from mild to severe.

The fact that NeckRelax has 12 different intensity levels and 6 massage modes to choose from means it is customizable to suit the individual’s needs. Some may have more painful neck issues that require a softer approach, whereas others like an intense, focused massage.

NeckRelax Review: Is NeckRelax effective?

The device can definitely be effective as mentioned already in this NeckRelax review.

NeckRelax uses a combination of techniques to stimulate blood flow and encourage relaxation of tense muscles. For many, this will be enough to provide sufficient pain relief.

It is often a combination of tight muscles and subsequently reduced blood flow that makes people feel sore and stiff. So a compact device that combats this, particularly on the very common pain-site of the neck, is an effective and affordable pain reliever.

Necks are often where people carry their stress too. Modern lifestyles mean individuals are frequently slouched over their phones, hunched over at a desk or stress stiffens their shoulders and they slowly creep up as the day goes on.

This device can encourage general relaxation where individuals will let their shoulders gravitate down to the natural position and the heat and massaging vibrations stimulate greater relief.

Some users may also use NeckRelax to supplement other current treatments. It could be an effective option for reducing pain during the weeks between professional massage or physical therapy that is easy and cost-effective.

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Is NeckRelax safe to use?

Yes, the NeckRelax is safe to use. However, like any product, the safety instructions need to be followed.

Most of the safety precautions are common sense and to be expected such as not to use in or near water, with children, or with serious health conditions without a doctor’s approval.

The device is recommended to be used for at least 10 minutes to be effective but also no more than 20 minutes.

This NeckRelax review could not find any reason to state the product is unsafe for use, as long as the safety instructions are adhered to.

It uses a very non-invasive massage and relaxation technique of infrared heat and vibrations to produce the pain relief effect. Further, the intensity and mode can be adjusted which further enhances the safety as it can be modified to suit the wearer's pain needs and tolerance.

Why should you get a NeckRelax?

There have been quite a few positives covered in this NeckRelax review already.

The Neck Relax device makes a great affordable way to get daily relaxation and pain relief. It is a much more accessible way for some who cannot afford to pay for regular individual treatment.

Given the volatility in the world at the moment - with whole cities and countries going into lockdown, it could mean at any time going to an appointment for pain relief is not an option.

The NeckRelax, therefore, is a great at-home option that guarantees you can also have access to a relaxing massage treatment.

Where can I buy a NeckRelax?

The official NeckRelax device is only available to purchase at the official website. By buying from the official website, it guarantees that it is the correct product and at the best price.

Each Neck Relax review on the official website also provides some insight into how it has been helpful for other users.

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NeckRelax Pros and Cons

A NeckRelax review would not be complete without a pros and cons list.


  • Easy to wear and compact - small enough to travel with

  • Infrared heat relaxes tightened muscles and increases blood flow

  • Vibrating massage penetrates the tissue and relieves tension - modifiable intensity and mode to suit almost all preferences

  • NeckRelax comes with two movable electrode pads that can be placed anywhere on the body to provide relief via the frequency technology

  • 12 intensity settings

  • 6 different massage modes to choose from

  • Ready out of the box - there is no assembly required

  • A very affordable option compared to ongoing massage treatment

  • NeckRelax can be used at home, the office - anywhere as it is portable

  • 5-Star NeckRelax review from several people - reviewers say it was convenient, relaxing, and helped with the pain.


  • Can be placed on the neck only (although the nodes help reach other spots)

  • Not suitable for people with a pacemaker or any other implanted medical devices

  • Not suitable for people with cancer

Final Verdict

All in all, NeckRelax reviews are all positive. To be able to get pain relief and relaxation, every day from home (or even at work), with customizable modes, is fantastic for the price point.

The Neck Relax can provide a real solution for those who experience regular pain or ongoing stress that has a spill-over effect on their bodies.

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