Cipherpoint Enters Hong Kong Market with DataAssure

This press release is about the collaboration between two tech companies, CipherPoint and DataAssure, to provide protection solutions in South-East Asia.

Cipherpoint and DataAssure announce a partnership to provide enhanced protection solutions for South-East Asia businesses with sensitive data needs.

Cipherpoint has announced a partnership with Hong Kong based solutions provider DataAssure. The two companies will work together to provide enhanced sensitive data protection solutions to large enterprises in Hong Kong and Macau, markets in which they have already identified a need for this specialised level of data protection and security.

Cipherpoint has offices in Australia, Europe and the USA and is established as a market leader in security solutions that protect against theft or misuse of information from external and internal sources. Its approach involves protecting the information itself against security breaches, rather than protecting the devices on which the data is stored.

In the first instance, the partnership with DataAssure will provide enhanced and independent encryption solutions for Hong Kong and Macau businesses beginning with SharePoint, and moving forward into areas such as Office365 and other cloud-based applications.

The opportunity for Cipherpoint to extend its operations into the important and lucrative South-East Asian market means it can further the market reach of its successful sensitive data discovery and data classification solution - cp. Discover – into this part of the world. cp. Discover is widely used by a variety of businesses in Australia, Europe and the USA and it is anticipated it will be equally welcomed in the Hong Kong, Macau and South-East Asian markets.

The cp. Discover tool offers businesses the ability to migrate sensitive business data to the cloud, enabling them to fully understand what information they are holding that may be sensitive, where it is currently held, and identifying the data that needs to be sent to the cloud for greater security and that which must remain where it currently resides.

About the partnership Stephen Hui, CTO of DataAssure said:

“Hong Kong is home to some of the most important financial institutions of the Asia-Pacific region. The credibility of these institutions relies on the assurance that their most sensitive business data remains protected at all times, not only from external threats but from the risk of mistreatment by insiders. Cipherpoint's products are the missing link in enabling enterprises to better understand and protect one of their greatest assets, their data.”

Director and Chief Operating Officer of Cipherpoint Steven Bliim added:

“The announcement of this partnership today is a fantastic step in broadening the availability of our products in the global market. At this stage of the Company's development, our focus has been on growing our revenue base through the acquisition of new partners and accessing new regions. Partnering with Stephen and his team at DataAssure takes our products into a new and exciting market in Asia-Pacific."

For further information on the services and solutions provided by Cipherpoint or for technical enquiries please contact a Cipherpoint technician in your region at:

Asia-Pacific – [email protected]

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Or by telephone at:

Australia - +61 2 8412 8200

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