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Draft Top Tool Can Opener

A draft top tool is a pocket-size bar tool designed to safely remove the top of an aluminum can and open it to enable you to drink topless without leaving any sharp edges or damaging the can's rim.

According to the Brewers Association, the popularity of craft beer has soared over the years, and analysis attributes this to a potential 'beer bubble.' The United States alone has one to two new breweries opening per day. To meet this increasing demand, beer companies are returning to old-school delivery methods like cans. Canned beer tastes fresher and better because it prevents light damage, among other benefits.

However, if you cannot see nor appreciate the aroma of your drink, how can you enjoy it properly? This American made draft top tool gives you a chance to safely cut the head's aluminum top to make them topless and allows you to grab the soda seltzer you like straight from the can.

The beauty of removing the entire top is that you can enjoy your drink's aroma without feeling the aluminum top rim, as is the case with other splitters. Additionally, the draft top gives you a chance to play drinking games, spice up your soda seltzer with a cocktail or a slice of lime that you like in Cerveza.

What Is A Draft Top?

A draft top tool is a pocket-size bar tool designed to safely remove the top of an aluminum can and open it to enable you to drink topless. Unlike other splitters, this has blades designed to use pressure to efficiently remove the center without leaving any sharp edges or damaging the can's rim. Using any other device to open a can top can leave a dangerously sharp edge that could leave you with an injury on your lips.

The enhanced stainless mechanism works by spreading four splitters from the center towards the can's rim, separating the top and folding over itself to ensure a smooth surface for comfortable and safe for drinking topless.

The use of this product is simple, place it on top of your can and squeeze it while rotating the can. It has four slitters that sit inside to help slit and fold the lid as it turns to ensure no sharp edge is left on the can. Once this is done, you can conveniently store the top in a safe place or safely play your 'beverage games'. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Draft Top Specifications

  • Dimension: 4.5″H x 3″L x 0.5″W
  • Colors: Available in black and grey
  • Four rotating blades
  • Made stainless steel and high impact ABS
  • Panted design
  • Four rotating blades
  • Easy to care and maintain - Hand wash only
  • Fit 52mm to 57 mm cans
  • It comes with a 3-month warranty.

How A Draft Top Works

Using this product is simple and does not require any expertise; if you have some beverage cans with you, here is a procedure to illustrate how to put this product to work.

Keep in mind that it's also ideal for people who love to play drinking games.

Step 1: Release the Handle

First, rinse the tool's handle to avoid contamination since there is a high chance it will come in contact with your beverage. Once done, push the draft top's upper left corner or take out the handle's end in the tool's lower right. From there, you can see that everything is out as the handle is locking into position.

Step 2: Place the Tool on the can

Position the product on the drink you need to open and check to ensure the can is balanced. Softly push the device downwards as you grip the handles gently to ensure the can stands still.

Step 3: Hold the can

As you hold the draft top, use the opposite hand to pick the top or bottom of the aluminum can, depending on where you feel it is easier to handle.

Step 4: Compress the grip as you turn the can

Continue compressing the grip gently until you notice it starting to stretch, and then start turning the can. Although this sounds like it requires a lot of energy, it doesn't. With a little power, you can rotate the can with ease. If you have any difficulties or feel the can may crush, ensure you hold it in the right position, and avoid squeezing the knob too tightly.

Step 5: Keep rotating

Keep rotating the can until you hear a cracking and a sound to confirm that the splitters are removing the center. In most cases, you will experience straight cans are relatively easier to open than bevel cans, which require a little more effort.

Step 6: Remove The Top

Release the grip to detach the device to avoid the blades touching your drink. While rolling the lid, locate the weakest parts when you feel it is not moving as fast as you want. Using one of the screws, stand at the bottom of the can and steadily move the lid. You can choose to remove the whole lid or leave it partially connected to the can.

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Use Draft Top To Drink Topless

Why would you want to miss the full drinking experience by transferring the drink to the glass when you can pop the whole top with this product? Some drinks are known to lose their intended taste when moved from the original can to glass, and that's what a draft top does. The tool helps you take your favorite canned drink in its original state.

The draft top leaves a soft edge that leaves no chance for you to hurt yourself while enjoying the taste and aroma of your drink. Using any other device to open your beverage can leave sharp edges that can leave you with injuries on your lips or tongue.

If you are going somewhere that you think they will offer you canned drinks, the draft top tool is small enough to perfectly fit your pocket. Furthermore, frequently borrowing your friends or colleagues Draft top to remove the top of your beverage cans is embarrassing. The can opener works with millions of cans and has proved not to leave any serrated edge and not build up rust after a long time.

It is cleverly designed with creators pointing to various other uses to attract hardcore beer nerds, including Micheladas, Bloody Marys, Beer Sangrias and, Mimosas. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Bar Tool Designed - Is Draft Top Useful for All Cans?

Although this product was explicitly developed for Crawlers, Sam Can, soup tallboys, it is a bar tool designed to open the top 8-16oz aluminum beer and 19oz beverage cans. Generally, cans with diameters between 52mm and 57mm. Although the lid can be taken out by hand by pressing the lid, the draft top is specifically built to make your work easier by removing the upper part of the can with ease to help you drink topless. The Draft Top should work in most 12 and 19-ounce can and most other can types.

The Draft Top Tool allows you to remove the tops of most aluminum cans by turning them right into standalone cans. Even if you prefer drinking from the glass, using this great product gives you a smoother pour by removing the blub sound associated with small openings. Additionally, removing the entire top helps to garnish your beverages from the can. One thing to note is that it has sharp edges on the top and is safe to drink topless.

The Benefits of Using Draft Top

Your favorite canned drinks begin with a perfect pour, and last till the bottom. Whether you are looking at your guests or customers, you have to make sure they enjoy fresher, tastier beverages by ensuring that the top is smooth. Some of the primary benefits of using a draft top bar tool to take different drinks and drink topless include:

Happier customers

As more people continue to like beverages, customers' innovation surrounding brewer intended equipment continues to increase. The modern customer can now differentiate between a fresh and a well-poured drink from others. Using a Draft Top bar tool allows you to remove the top of a beverage product in the right way and serve a fresh and best-poured drink. That way, you will never disappoint your customers, and they will not cease from being available at your premises to take the drinks they like.

More Revenue for Business Owners

The bar and restaurant industry are increasingly growing popular, and entrepreneurs have to get to work and develop innovative ways to beat their available competitors. One of these ways is offering their available customers equipment for removing the top of their cans for them to drink topless. If the customers are happy with your service, they will want to visit your premises full time and grab more drinks.

Turns Cans into Cups

If you are going out for an adventure with some beverages, you will not need to carry cups with you since the draft top tool may be used to turn cans into cups. Through this device, you can drink topless from cans filled with bubbly beverages. That way, pouring will be made easier, and the perceived tinniness of drinking out of the glass will be removed.

Easy to use

There is indeed no learning when it comes to cleaning this product. With two or three tries, you should grasp all the steps to rotate this product and drink topless. If you look into most reviews, you will notice that most available customers appreciate that the device can be easily cleaned and small enough to carry in the pocket. Plus, cleaning it does not require a dishwasher; after use, run it through clean water, and you are good to go. However, if it is too dirty, you can use soap or detergent to clean it.

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Where to Purchase A Draft Top

If you are impressed by this draft top review and want to get one for yourself, you may want to visit DraftTop com official website and check the available products. An order of this device can ship along with seven draft tops, and more orders mean less price. Here is a breakdown of the total amount to pay to get the available products:

  • A single draft top - $25.99 including the shipping fee
  • Three draft tops - $51.98, which translates to $17.33 for each
  • Five draft tops - $77.97, which translates to $15.59 each
  • Seven draft tops - $103.96, which translates to $14.85

If you explore their Facebook page, a free delivery fee is available for all packages, except the single Draft Top package. You'll also get information on how to ship, shipping dates, and refunds.

Factors to Consider When Using This Product

Note that the separated lid has sharp edges that could be dangerous, especially when available around children. Therefore, you have to squeeze them safely and, if possible, dispose of them immediately after removing them. Additionally, do not drink directly from the can until the lid is separated to avoid injuring your lips. If a metal shaving falls into the can, pour the beverage into the glass, remove it then drink topless.

Read through the available instructions carefully for proper use of this device. Additionally, you may go through the shipping instructions in case the product gets damaged. Visit the official website here!

About the Manufacturer

Draft Top is an American made product, therefore, you know that it is going to do the work it is intended for, and no matter how often it is used. The company's shipping address is PO Box 341, Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, United States.

If you have a question on the available product, shipping, or delivery, you may also reach the company through its official website https://getdrafttop.io/.

E-Mail: [email protected]


This American made product is a bar tool designed to safely remove the top of aluminum beverage cans without much effort. Using the draft top, you will experience the full aroma of your favorite beverage right from a can with an incredibly smooth edge.

The hand-held device leaves no sharp edges on the can, leaving a smoother pour and bigger opening available for an all-around better experience. Additionally, the tool provides a perfect opportunity for garnishes, people who love to play drinking games, or drink mixing lovers.


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