KISS PR Facebook Marketing Experts Angie and Agnes Show How to Use Facebook Groups to Reach More Customers

Online Marketing Tips: How to Use Facebook Groups to Reach More Customers


Marketing on social media is the necessity of the hour for many organizations. In 2020 we saw the shift towards online promotions. Any business needs to be present in different market places. Even in 2021, we can expect marketing to be necessary through these means. 

Guide on how to use Facebook groups effectively.

KISS PR Facebook Marketing Guide

The end goal of any Facebook marketing strategy is to utilize the least resources to reach more customers. Through this short guide will talk about Facebook group promotions and how you can effectively brand yourself online. 

Facebook groups are an excellent way for businesses that are starting small. Here are some of the online marketing tips which you can implement.

Create a brand

For any business, it is crucial to have a brand for what you do. It is something that encourages the audience to purchase your product. Brand outreach is secondary. The first step is to decide your brand message and business statements. For smaller businesses, it can be a long drawn process.

Promotional material

Online marketing is significant in today's time. Your content must be contrarian. What this means is that your content is different from all your competition. The process enables you to share your products with the target audience. In recent times Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have proven to be beneficial for sharing promotional content.

Video content

Video is the future of content marketing on Facebook groups. You can create attractive videos through platforms like Canva, Filmora, and Wondershare. These are good for beginners and can be highly effective in generating content quickly. In our personal experience, Canva is the way to go for new users to video creation. There are tons of designing templates for you to choose from and easy animations. Visit - ;

Targeting Facebook groups for marketing.

Facebook groups are a great way to market your product or service. It is essential to select the right location to do the same. Over time it can become crucial for users to reach out to new potential customers quickly. Here are some group marketing strategies you can utilize to reach the right audience.

 - Example 1- Game Seller

Let's say you are a Game seller for the youth. Then it is essential to join Facebook groups, which are full of gaming communities. These communities are the best place to sell your gaming products. You can search for Facebook groups related to your gaming services. If you are a small business, then the community groups are also great for interacting directly with your customers. These communities already exist, and you don't have to start from scratch.

 - Example 2 - Facebook marketing for local a restaurant 

Companies that have a decent organic presence on Facebook can join multiple groups. Let's say you are a restaurant which also provides food delivery. If you want to increase your outreach, then you can create a Facebook page. It is crucial to share your posts to get more engagement on the content posted on your Facebook page. It also helps in positioning your brand and sharing your service. Food is something universal and a necessity for everyone. Try to utilize it for the long term and share it with all your communities.

Live Videos in Facebook Marketing 

Live videos are becoming a general theme for 2021 and continuing this year. As a business, you can share your covid safety practices through these live videos. It can also be beneficial for showcasing the manufacturing process or a live demonstration of products. Users can go live through their Facebook page and share the videos in your groups.

Call to action

A clear, link-based call to action is necessary for everyone who is creating and sharing content online. We recommend that you try these facebook group strategies out today. It is crucial to add a purchase link for your product that you are marketing. Users can add it within their content or in the message.

It is practical and straightforward, yet it does not take much time to implement. is an excellent platform for users to customize their CTAs. It is imperative to create an attractive and comfortable to remember CTA. It can also include your contact information for more clarity on products.

What to Avoid

Seller posts are a necessity for users to get more engagement directly. Many people are not effectively utilizing this feature. Many groups are made for the sole purpose of selling goods. You can join these groups, but they are not as effective. Overall we recommend that you try sticking to organic community-based markets. If it is necessary, please be creative with your posts. Since many people are already present in selling and buying groups, it will help you stand out.

Final Verdict on FB Marketing your SMB!

Online marketing is going to be beneficial in many cases. We at KISSPR digital marketing recommend that you follow this guide for better outreach over the platforms. Engaging content is the key to success over these groups. Overall it is a fascinating marketing strategy. Users can utilize it for better brand presence and conversions. We hope you can get more sales through these tips and tricks. You can run different campaigns and engage with your audience effectively.  


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