Best Websites for Programmers and Designers - Strange Hoot

Best Websites for Programmers and Designers - Strange Hoot

This press release is about the Best Websites for Programmers and Designers. Read this if you have a project related to programming and designing.

Strange Hoot is one of the finest websites in 2021 that helps readers to fix tech glitches related to any tech problems like, mobile, operating system, software, and more.

Strange Hoot's started in 2020 with a mission to show users how they can fix their technical errors/problems at their own pace.

Every day many users join Strangehoot as readers and subscribers. We post screenshots or small clicks with our content that fasten the process of learning.

Let's talk about Strange Hoot Growth.

StrangeHoot is growing its reach day by day and other search engine matrices are improving. We gained Moz Trust 2 in Just 4 months and according to ahrefs our 20 URLs are ranking in the search engine. In the last quarter of 2020, we hit more than 3000+ unique page views by organic traffic.

Why Strange Hoot?

There are lots of websites and tech blogs writing articles in the ‘how to’ niche, some of them share the topic in the original author name and some do not share images. We at Strange Hoot share the content on its original author name as well as with original screenshots or small clips to our readers.

What type of topic Strange Hoot cover?

Strange Hoot covers all tech-related topics whether it's from Hardware, Software, or mobile to laptop. We also cover topics related to the application user guide. Our most searched topics on Google and other search engines are How to Turn Off Youtube Notifications on Chrome, How to Update Your AirPods and AirPods Pro Firmware, and many more.

How do our writers write?

Our website is available for all writers to contribute their knowledge. We have paid and free contributors to strange hoot.

Our writers do their best to write quality content with a focus to solve our reader's problems. Every content we publish on Strange Hoot has to pass 5 tests including the plagiarism tests.

Recently we also have started a new programming website “Developer Resources”. This website is for programmers and designers. It broadcasts articles on the latest technologies and tools programmers use to make the development process less painful. Mostly this website covers articles on Python and Java programming language.

About the founder:

Strange Hoot is founded by Shahid Siddique who lives in Kansas City, US. A software engineer by profession. Shahid Siddique wants to contribute to the developer and public community by his skills so he decided to start strangehoot and developer resources to give the best and trusted results of readers' queries.

Contact Details

Name: Shahid Siddique
Email: [email protected]
Address: 509 E minor dr. Kansas City MO

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