Quietum Plus Review: Does Quietum Plus Tinnitus Cure Supplement Work? Report By Joll of News

Quietum Plus is a unique blend of ingredients that improve hearing and save from the risks of hearing loss, infections, and tinnitus.

About one in eight Americans suffer from hearing-related issues, according to a recent survey. However, many don't actually know about this disorder until they get excruciating pain in the ear. Unaddressed issues related to the ear can lead to irreversible consequences like hearing loss for life. Age, noise and heredity are common causes for ear disorders and most of these can be corrected if addressed appropriately. Ear is a very sensitive organ and so synthetic chemicals can cause harmful side effects eventually. According to physicians, most ear infections and constant ringing issues called Tinnitus can be treated successfully through proper management. Quietum Plus supplement promises to give good relief from ear discomforts like Tinnitus naturally.

Natural Support for Healthy Hearing

Tinnitus has become a common issue nowadays due to unhealthy ear hygiene habits and change in lifestyle. However, there is no long-term solution for this really irritating and bothersome ear issue. Researchers at MIT have discovered that the main cause of ear ringing is defective neural connections that cause faulty circuits in the brain. These produce irregular signals between the ear and the brain, causing ringing sounds. Quietum Plus is a supplement that has natural ingredients in a specific combination to cure ear disorders like Tinnitus. This product has also proved to be successful in treating common ear infections.

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About Quietum Plus

A long term relief is what everyone wants and that too, without any side effects. This review looks at how Quietum Plus works, as it has claimed to be an innovatory natural supplement that supports healthy hearing. Quietum Plus uses natural derivatives that support the functioning of the brain effectively and enhances the neural circuits. Manufacturers say that this supplement can successfully identify disorders in the path between the ear and the brain and rectify such neural defects. According to users of Quietum Plus, it works fast to reverse symptoms of Tinnitus and also supports proper brain functioning. Cognitive processing gets fast through regular use. This supplement has powerful natural ingredients such as Hops extract and Motherwort in the right quantities that aim to adequately support healthy hearing, tackle stress, and bring down inflammation in brain tissues.

Science Behind Quietum Plus

According to scientists, Tinnitus is usually caused by injured hairs in the auditory area. These hairs lead to defective neural circuits that cause constant ringing in the ear. Noise pollution and aging are the main factors that contribute to Tinnitus. This disorder has turned out to be really bothersome in many patients, as it affects work and home. Quietum Plus deals with Tinnitus and ear discomforts successfully. Most of the ingredients used are known to have medicinal properties and were used in traditional hearing therapies. For people who realize suddenly that their hearing is disrupted, Quietum Plus provides a great relief, as this unique formula helps to improve the nerve functions that promote the ability to hear.

Benefits of Quietum Plus

  • Improved Hearing- When people start to realize that they can no longer hear sounds, it hits really hard. Quietum Plus offers comfort for such people because it promises a natural healing by dealing with the underlying causes. It's claimed to be a novel supplement that improves nerve function and enhances one's ability to hear.
  • Natural Cure from Tinnitus- People cannot live a normal life when they constantly hear ringing sounds in their ears. Early detection and treatment is needed as this could be a symptom of more serious disorders. Plant extracts with powerful medicinal properties and used in traditional medicine have been sourced in the Quietum Plus formula that makes it work wonders in treating Tinnitus.
  • Mental Focus and Memory Retention- Additionally, this supplement also promises to support memory retention and mental focus. As it naturally enhances the neural system, it provides a good clarity of mind. Along with easy ear exercises and good personal hygiene, Quietum Plus works naturally and scientifically to help in good hearing. While it rectifies defective neural connections, it also works to improve brain health.


According to manufacturers of Quietum Plus, all its ingredients are 100% natural. The formula has a mix of herbs and vitamins that are all hygienically derived from nature. Following are the details:

  • Black Cohosh- the root of Black Cohosh plant is known to support the nervous system from ancient times. This is a flowering plant found in North America and works wonderfully in traditional medicine to support messaging between the ears and the brain. Black Cohosh nourishes the auditory nerves and improves the growth of hair follicles (1).
  • Yam – Certain important vitamins and minerals are extracted from wild yam and added to the Quietum Plus formula. These have been known to treat loss of hearing and Tinnitus in traditional medicine (2).
  • Blessed Thistle- This herb is native to Portugal and France and is known to have powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also deals with stress and inflammation of the nerves effectively (3).
  • Chaste Tree (Abraham's Balm)- The fruit of this tree is used to treat headaches and ear disorders from ancient times. In traditional medicine it is used as a natural relief from mental stress. It also has anti inflammatory properties that can correct defective neurons.
  • Dong Quai – This indigenous herb is grown in China and is known widely as a traditional herbal medicine that treats hypertension. Scientists say that it is powerful against hearing loss and can reverse issues and related symptoms in people suffering from hearing defects.
  • Hops Extract- This plant is native to North America, Asia and Europe. The dried flowers are powdered and combined in the right proportion in Quiteum Plus formula as it has various medicinal properties that reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Licorice - This herbaceous legume that is native to Southern Europe and Western Asia is often used in traditional medicine to treat Tinnitus effectively.
  • Motherwort –Motherwort is a herbaceous plant that is also called a Lion's tail. It belongs to the mint family and is found to treat anxiety and blood pressure very well.

Purchase and Price of Quietum Plus

This natural hearing supplement is already used by many and found to be effective against ear infections and common hearing disorders. Users say that it cures Tinnitus over regular use and provides a long-lasting relief from related symptoms. Quietum Plus is available for purchase at the product's official website only. Following deals are on offer now:

  • Buy 6 bottles for $49 per bottle (180 days supply)
  • Buy 3 bottles for $59 per bottle (90 days supply)
  • Buy 1 bottle for $ 69 per bottle ( 30 day supply)

The manufacturers provide free US shipping.

Return and Refund Policy

Quietum Plus comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. In case of any dissatisfaction, customers can contact the manufacturers through email and claim their money back within 60 days of purchase.


What is Quietum Plus?

It is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules which aims at providing a healthy hearing when used regularly. Since it is made using all natural ingredients, it doesn't have any side effects. Users say that it not only corrects hearing defects, but also improves mental cognition and neural skills.

How should one use it?

Adults are recommended to consume two capsules daily along with a meal as it is a dietary supplement. One bottle of supplement contains sixty capsules, so this will last for a month.

It is suggested to take them in the mornings, on a regular basis to get the best results. Skipping can affect results, so proper dosage should be followed to see positive results.

When can I see results?

People get discouraged easily when they see no immediate results and they even tend to give up. With Quietum Plus, healing is a natural process and each one's body mechanism is different from the other. This natural healing process can take up to three months to give positive results and so, users are recommended to consume regularly.

Is it safe to use?

Manufacturers of Quietum Plus say that they have used all natural ingredients like Yam and Fenugreek in the making. This means that it is completely safe for use in adults.

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Pros of Quietum Plus

  • It is an all natural dietary supplement.
  • There are no reported side effects so far.
  • Quietum Plus heals damaged ears naturally.
  • It provides a cure for Tinnitus.
  • It reduces inflammation.
  • It rectifies defective neural circuits.
  • It improves mental clarity and focus.
  • It provides overall brain health.
  • It does not have any side effects.

Cons of Quietum Plus

  • This product is available for purchase only at the official website.

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According to WHO, 50% of hearing impairments and loss can be avoided through natural methods, prevention and management. Various technologies and medicines in audiology involve chemicals and painful treatments. However, Quietum Plus promises to provide long-lasting relief from hearing disorders and pain. Users have stated that not only does this supplement not have any side effects, but it also boosts mental clarity. According to manufacturers of Quietum Plus, it has a special combination of herbal extracts that naturally strengthens the brain's hearing comprehension skills. For those who have been suffering from Tinnitus, discomfort in the ear and hearing disorders, Quietum Plus promises to be an extraordinary natural weapon.


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