Announces Top Performers for the week of January 25, 2021

Top Performers for the week of January  25, 2021​ a website that accepts nominees from the top business and personal advisors worldwide is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of January 25, 2021.

COEA recognizes Michael Wirjadisastra as a top professional in the Insurance & Financial Industry - Pleasanton, CA

Since 1993, Michael Wirjadisastra with MW Insurance & Financial Services Associates has helped clients to get to The 0% Tax Bracket and supercharge their retirement savings, and protect them Not to go broke in a nursing home. 

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COEA recognizes Lawrence Gatz as a top professional in the Financial Planning Industry - Chicago, IL

Lawrence Gatz, CFP®, specializes in helping doctors and business owners proactively plan for retirement. “It’s all about taxes, and how to structure their assets to minimize taxes. Many clients defer as much income as possible while working, only to realize that they’ve setup a ticking time bomb of increased Medicare costs, Social Security Taxes, and higher Income Taxes in retirement. By working closely with their accountant, we can build the best plan for today and throughout retirement.”

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COEA recognizes Ethan Meikle as a top professional in Financial Services - Selah, WA

Ethan Meikle helps people by showing them a safe, secure way to build wealth and avoid Wall St and the IRS all from the comfort of home. As a virtual advisor, he is able to help people no matter where they live. By utilizing overlooked strategies he is able to create more lifetime income for people using the least amount of money possible.

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COEA recognizes Tim Klein as a top professional in the Retirement Planning & Insurance Industry - Spring Lake, IL

Tim Klein, Retirement Planner from Bay Harbor Financial Group LLC commented “with the probability that taxes will rise in five to ten years, now is the time to take advantage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act to do a Roth Conversion to save on future taxes regarding qualified retirement accounts and insuring that money against loss.”

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COEA recognizes Keith Beggs as a top professional in Finance & Insurance - Houston,TX

For over 13 years Keith and his team have utilized academically based, tax-efficient and Nobel Prize-winning strategies to help families achieve a stress-free retirement.

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COEA recognizes Gary Scheer, Registered Financial Consultant as a top professional in the Tax and Retirement Planning Industry - Morristown, NJ

Gary Scheer, Registered Financial Consultant, commented on what longer live spans mean for investment purposes. "Since life expectancies are longer than ever before, investors’ finances need to be managed in a way, so they don’t run out of money. The “flooring approach” enables one to have enough guaranteed income to meet one’s basic expenses while optimizing the balance of their investment and insurance portfolios to account for inflation, taxes, and health and long-term care expenses.

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COEA recognizes Pamela J. Sams, CRPC as a top professional in Financial Planning - Herndon, VA

Investors tend to lose track of accounts that aren’t right in front of them. Life gets busy, andfailing to modify  investment strategies to keep up with needs can undermine long-term financial success. Putting assets in one place can help ensure that investments are reviewed regularly and remain consistent with financial goals.

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COEA recognizes Kory A. Holker a s a top professional in the Financial Planning Industry - Minneapolis, MN

“Retirees need to cover their base monthly expenses with guaranteed lifetime income streams. This includes Social Security benefits, pensions, and lifetime income annuities. Doing so will reduce the risk that a retiree may outlive their money.”

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COEA recognizes Derek Ghia, CFP®, CIMA® as a top professional in Wealth Management - Franklin, TN

Derek Ghia, CFP®, CIMA®, Managing Director for Greensview Wealth commented on the recent market highs "With the recent market growth over the past several years and the volatility in early 2020, now is the time to be sure to have a tangible written holistic plan that addressing health, longevity, tax, legal, market risk, and not just a portfolio. If these certain risks are not identified and addressed, then life, estate, or tax events may impact assets unexpectedly."

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COEA recognizes Michael Stewart, MBA, RFC as a top professional in Financial Planning - Crystal Lake, IL

With over 20 years as a financial advisor, Michael has helped hundreds of families across the United States prepare for a more confident retirement by focusing on strategies that potentially reduce stock market risk and increase retirement income while attempting to minimize the income taxes paid over the clients lifetime. Crystal Lake Tax & Financial serves clients in 26 states throughout the country.

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