Coworking for Millennials - Why Flexible Offices are an Ideal Solution for Millennials? by Venture X Dallas Galleria

Along with the perks of being cost-efficient, these flexible offices also aid in providing all necessary services without any worry about their maintenance.

For the people who love being free, traditional offices are no way a place to perform their best. As the times change, we’ve witnessed a remarkable shift in how the millennials perceive their future workspace. There’s a striking difference between the conventional workplace culture and the next-gen workplace where our youth is oozing with vigorous energies. The bonded 9 to 5 offices no longer drive their zeals to work, which is why coworking spaces have turned out to be the workplace of tomorrow.

As modernization is setting in, flexible offices are becoming the present and future workplace including the industry leaders like Google and Microsoft. With more inclination being drawn towards the idea of coworking spaces, significant developments have been made in this domain. Such work cultures help individuals work with lesser liabilities and burdens thus helping them to exercise freedom at their best. Along with the perks of being cost-efficient, these flexible offices also aid in providing all necessary services without any worry about their maintenance.

How do they function?

Coworking spaces encompass working people from a myriad of professions sharing the same office space that caters to all their needs. These uber rentals offer a lot of facilities including Wi-Fi, printers, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, and a mini kitchen set up to have the coffee brewing!

Since you pay for your own space and not the complete area, coworking spaces are 30-40% more cost-efficient than traditional workspaces. As these workspaces are presented in a combo of colors, sitting in one can transform your mundane Mondays to energizing ones. From offering the flexibility of sitting to work timings, this setup is perfect for people who like breaking the norms of working. The casual break-out zones, terrace cafes, and nap rooms are some of the unique benefits coworking spaces offer when compared to traditional office spaces.

Whom is this flexible office space for?

For everyone who doesn’t like working as per the traditional rules. Whether you’re a freelancer looking for ways to maintain your work-life balance, an entrepreneur getting started with your dream project, or an SME looking out for renting office space at an affordable rate, coworking spaces are for you. Network with people from different walks of life and build a community of like-minded professionals in co-working spaces.

Why not regular offices?

The traditional offices with bonded working hours tend to affect the mental health of the people by exploiting their work attitudes. The unnecessary burden of increased financial long-term commitments comes in the way of operations, resulting in losing their interests. The millennials are smart enough to identify these drawbacks and make a move towards better workspaces where they can liberate themselves and work to most of their potentials.

How to choose a space?

Certain points need to be kept in mind when we talk about finalizing the coworking spaces. These should assist you when you are on a look-out for the same;

  • Always lay supreme emphasis on the location of your office

This is going to be the place where you will be spending most hours of your day. An office space that stands in the middle of a chaotic surrounding is most likely to hamper your work. Always settle down for the flexible office which brings you joy and lets you work in peace.

  • Region of space allocated to you

Keep a check on the space that is allotted to you and how well does it suit your style of working. If you are working as a team, a dedicated cabin would be more apt for your workflow than being seated on distanced individual desks.

  • Facilities included in your package

It is always better to have utmost clarity on what all you shall be provided with the package you opt for. This will let you know about things that you will have to manage on your own.

Going back to 2007, there were only 14 official coworking spaces in the United States. Now, there are more than 11,100. This increase in flexible offices has been possible due to more millennials understanding their importance and valuing what these spaces have to offer. Most shared spaces also offer business and community support, letting you work with ease. 

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