Government Experience, New Documentary Opens Up Ideas For Innovation! By Technology Futurist Ian Khan

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A new documentary film captures innovation within governments worldwide. Stories from UAE, Estonia, Netherlands, Azerbaijan and expert commentaries from Tim Unwin, Jonathan Reichental Ph.D and others

A new documentary film, GX Now, directed and narrated by Technology Futurist Ian Khan has been released on Amazon Prime. The documentary tracks how governments globally are changing service delivery models and adapting to technology, while creating a better citizen experience. The film is now available on Amazon Prime Video US, Amazon Prime Video UK, Amazon Prime Video Germany and is also available on Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, Chrome TV, Roku through specific apps. Rollout into other territories and global regions continues.

The documentary, GX Now, was made possible as a result of a huge collaborative effort between many governments and thought leaders that sparked at the last World Government Summit in the United Arab Emirates in 2019. Under the GX initiative led by the government of the UAE, the first GX Forum was held that saw the participation of many thought leaders from various countries. The GX forum then expanded and a second forum was held in 2020 at the University of Berkeley, USA. Participants included private and public sector leaders and visionaries.

GX Now, the film, captures the key message and ideas of participants from these forums in a narrative format to help share the next innovative wave in government service delivery and government experience domain. This includes;

- Understanding how innovation can help change how governments services are delivered

- Bring together policymakers to create a single adaptable framework of excellence

- How Governments can provide faster and more efficient services to citizens

- What innovative technologies can be leveraged by governments to shape service delivery

- How to reduce the time needed to deliver services to communities

GX Now covers the evolution of public services and tracks the governments of UAE, Estonia, Netherlands, and Azerbaijan to find answers on why Experiences may be the key to unlocking the value behind government-citizen engagements.

“This documentary is the first such film on Government services and government experience delivery. Working with multiple governments and global experts gave us an opportunity to present a full view of what is possible” said Ian Khan.

GX Now participants include

  • MARLOES POMP - Head of Blockchain Projects, Government of Netherlands
  • TIM UNWIN - UNESCO Chair in ICT4D at Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
  • JONATHAN REICHENTAL - Founder of Human Future, Professor and Former CIO of the City of Palo Alto, USA
  • JEYHUN SALMANOV - Deputy Chairman, State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of Azerbaijan
  • SIIM SIKKUT - Government CIO, Republic of Estonia
  • OTT VATTER - Former MD of E-Residency, Government of Estonia, MD eProspera
  • JANE WISEMAN - CEO, Institute for Excellence in Government & Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, USA
  • ALAIN BEJJANI - CEO, Majid Al Futtaim Holding, UAE
  • MOHAMED BIN TALIAH - Chief of Government Services, UAE Government
  • FADI HINDI - Founder and CEO, Algofy.AI, UAE
  • ROSS MACLEAN - Group CEO, The Traffic Group, UAE
  • JANE WISEMAN - CEO, Institute for Excellence in Government & Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, USA
  • IAN KHAN - Technology Futurist, Filmmaker, Canada as Host & Director

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