Basketball Icon Kevin Major Thwarted Lockdowns by Being Busy

Basketball Icon Kevin Major

Kevin Major made sure all of his courses were online during the long spells of COVID-19

The basketball sensation Kevin Major always keeps him busy no matter what the situation is. Naturally, the outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns did not dampen his sportsperson’s spirit to act and also give online advice to his teammates.

An entry into a day’s life of Kevin Major gives us a very interesting picture, this is a picture of being busy all the time thus thwarting the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19.

A Penn State Star Guard, Kevin Major has made his presence stupendously felt in the arena of men’s basketball. Today, this famous sportsperson has emerged as an icon in basketball and also an inspiration to hundreds of others who want to make it big in this particular realm of sport.

But for that, one has to learn from a day in the life of Kevin Major. They must know how he raced against time to utilize each moment of the day. Even during the outbreak of COVID-19, there had been frequent lockdowns but Kevin Major was never down with boredom, he made the best uses of those times.

A fitness freak that all basketball players should be, Kevin Major spends a large part of his day either in the gym or weight room. This he does when he doesn’t have class or assignment to train teammates. However, the COVID-19 forbade him from visiting the gym and weight room.

Kevin Major made sure all of his courses were online during the long spells of COVID-19. Not to waste during the Corona Pandemic time, Kevin Major spent his time on hardwood putting up shots. One intruding in a day on his lifestyle during COVID-19, we find he did this whenever he was not on his laptop.

Completely wedded to basketball, Kevin Major often forgets his breakfast as he rushes to the gym soon after waking up. Once there, he hardly feels the pangs of morning’s hunger as his business makes him completely absorbed in his fitness acts.

To the gym, Kevin Major would bring just a bottle of water or Powerade with him. Usually, after the gym, he would walk to his apartment and hop in the shower for his online zoom class. After class, Kevin Major would book another court session so he can attend to go shoot.

This shows Kevin Major’s dedication and passion to the field of his expertise in sports. Besides, he also puts in extra miles and hard work every day to encourage and inspire others, particularly his teammates.

It is necessary here to quote Kevin Major verbatim: “No one has seen what I can do“.

For Kevin Major, the college had been a little rollercoaster. This was the only school he had been to for 2 years. Every other school major had attended been one and done.

This comes with knowing new people and getting familiar with the coaching staff and environment. Now this being his second year being at the same school, it plays to his advantage.

The last place Kevin Major been at for more than 2 years was high school at Samuel Gompers located in the Bronx New York where he Averaged 25 points per game. Kevin Major continues his routine daily and whenever he gets free time he likes to chill and bond with some of his teammates.

Kevin Major is a person that’s serious about his craft. He isn’t the party type of person. He likes being to himself sometimes. This shows that the major is dedicated and serious about what his future withholds.

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