Yachita Ltd reviews the Adriatic sea for yachting

Let's check what the representatives of the company Yachtic Ltd say about Adriatic Sea and sunny Croatia. It’s a good place for yachting?

I feel a breeze on my skin. A glass in my hand. I move it slightly. I can hear the whisper of the waves splashing against the boardside and the dull sound of rattling ice cubes. My eyes are closed. When I open them, I will see the beach we chose for today. Under our yacht are four meters of crystal clear water...Somewhere from a distance I can hear the steady sound of diesel engine. I raise my head and look in the direction of the rocky cape lit by the sun. After a while a small fishing boat starts to emerge from behind it. Slowly and easily glides along the bay. Dark-haired, curly Croatian man in a blue T-shirt is leaning against the railing. I greet him, he responds by raising his hand. In a moment he will probably moor in the next bay. There is a pub called Marko. Fresh fish from that boat are probably served there. We visit that pub every evening. For grilled sea bream, seafood and wine. Delicious wine from the private vineyard of the pub’s owner. Rucatac strain. It is in it that the ice cubes are now sinking. It is perfect. In a moment we will take a bath to make an appetite and go for dinner. 

What do the representatives of Yachtic Ltd say about sunbathing in Croatia?
The temperatures in July and August can reach forty degrees. The sunbathing season starts at the beginning of June and lasts until September. On average, the sun heats for ten hours. Although it is the peak of the yacht charter season in Croatia, still it is most pleasant on a yacht. The light wind makes the heat not tiring and the sea has an ideal temperature, on average 20 degrees in July and August. And the food is great, simple and fresh. – said Yachitic LTD

When is the best time to go to Croatia on a yacht trip? 

Autumn is an interesting time. The season for grapes, mandarins and pomegranates starts then. You can also try the freshly harvested almonds. Autumn is also the season for harvesting olives. The touristic traffic is slowly weakening and yacht charter prices are falling. In September, the sea temperature in some areas reaches as high as 25 degrees. It's colder in October. The air temperature is around 20 degrees and the sea slowly cools down. Autumn is also a good time for those who enjoy sightseeing without congestion. The Adriatic coast is full of attractions and sightseeing by yacht is a real adventure. After all, Dubrovnik "played" the Royal Marina in the Game of Thrones, and Trogir or Split are beautiful cities and are worth visiting at any time of year. Late autumn often brings a weather breakdown and without experienced crew it is better not to charter yachts. – said Yachitic LTD

Spring starts early on the Adriatic coast

It is already starting to turn green in April and it is worth planning a trip to Croatian national parks, not yet burnt by the summer sun. I recommend a yacht charter and a trip to Kornati, Brion Islands or Mljet. You can also sail to Skradin and go to the Krka National Park. In spring, there is no crowding yet and a walk among the Skradin waterfalls is a great experience. The average air temperature in April is 17 degrees and in May it rises to 23. The water slowly heats up and a yacht charter in spring won't drain our pockets. 

The Adriatic Sea in winter is capricious

Average temperatures in January and February oscillate around 13-15 degrees. For the lovers of cold seas it's hot, but you have to prepare for a breakdown of the weather and sailing in difficult conditions. The advantage of a winter trip to Croatia is definitely the lower price of a yacht charter. 

The popularity of the Croatian Adriatic coast among the lovers of yachting, including motor boats, is not without reason. At any time of the year you can meet there tourists from all over the world. It is a diverse region, guaranteeing sunshine from April to October, and all year round great sights and excellent cuisine. Find yacht of your dream on https://www.yachtic.com/yacht-charter-croatia


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