Facebook page optimization: Top 8 Mistakes to Avoid

The struggle for getting a great result from Facebook ads is quite often. That is because there are mistakes you might be making that might hurt your campaigns and we want to avoid that.

Indeed, business users can easily make mistakes on a Facebook page. And the mistakes might happen with any one of us. The businesses may also commit other blunders in the case of approach, actions, and aesthetics. Which leads to the missed opportunities and puts your page at disadvantage.

Wondering what mistakes you should avoid making on your Facebook page? Go through this article to find out.

Here are the top mistakes you should avoid for your Facebook ads.

Reforming your Facebook Ads too often or rarely

    Thinking that constantly changing bids, budgets, and targets are corresponding to making faster progress is wrong. What happens is that every amendment resets your ads and puts you right back to the start of the learning point.

    Whereas, not updating your Facebook page enough or at the right time might mean that your message hasn't reached the targeted audience. Late updates might annoy your audiences.

    Hence, post your ads on weekends to generate more buzz, especially the offers or information, that audiences can benefit from.

    Knock-out wall posts.

      It might sound foolish, but some brands disable their wall posts, to avoid negative comments from customers. The fear of unfavorable comments is valid. However, if you want to be on a social media platform, you need to be social and allow every feedback from your customers.

      You can't expect that the customer will always be positive. Negative comments from customers are to create pressure on brands to react. And you should respond to these messages promptly on your Facebook page.

      Lack of Custom cover photo

        The Facebook cover photo is the first thing that your customer will see. A well-designed and attractive cover photo will help you to catch their attention in a flash.

        Don’t miss the chance to attract your customers with a strong visual impact with customized cover photos. Make sure to use this platform to promote your products, service, or story. And share things that will make you unique.

        Facebook advertising will add more advantage to your current advertising budget. It is a smart complement for your advertisement that will lead you to grow your page without adding unnecessary expenses.

        You can easily target your specific market through age, group, gender, city, state, or country, along with managing multiple campaigns all in the same place.

        Being Surprised or lack of engagement

          You shouldn't be surprised when the customers use social media platforms to ask questions, complaints, suggestions. It is one of the mistakes many businesses continue to make.

          The “post and run” strategy is seen when you post and never interact with the customers. This displeases them. Indeed, you should use this chance to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one by approaching the negative feedback.

          Incomplete pieces of information

            The information sections show the insights of your business. Thus, it is an important step when setting up and optimizing your page. Make sure you complete the “About” page and send an accurate message to anyone visiting your page.

            You should add your founding details and your mission to your company. People quickly scan your content and therefore add your most important details in your first paragraphs. Keep your language easy to understand and relatable.

            1. Not thinking Long-term

            Sometimes, you can start your campaign very successfully, and be engaging and relevant and gather a huge fan base, but once the campaign is over, it stops the conversation and engagement.

            While approaching social media, a company should focus on a long-term strategy and objectives that are focused on engaging their audience and their needs and interests. Simultaneously, building their brand by occasional promotion and campaigns.

            Ignoring a clear call-to-action

              Assuming that your Facebook fans know the next step you want them to take is quite unwise. A confused mind will not take action.

              If you’re sharing a blog post give a teaser into your content rather than dropping a link with the title of your blog post. Double-check that you’re crystal clear about how you want your fans to interact with your page.

              Before making any blog post, have a look at your page. Edit any mistake you see and move forward clearly and profitably.

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              Published by: Agnes Zang

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